Steel Agricultural Building for Coffee Production Facility in Honokaa, Hawaii

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was honored to manufacture and supply this pre-engineered steel agricultural building on behalf of a customer in Honokaa, Hawaii, in December of 2007.

These days, the building is in use as an agricultural operation for Long Ears Coffee Co., a Hawaii-based coffee producer and wholesaler with an 8-acre Big Island estate. Launched in 2000, Long Ears Coffee Co. produces 100% pure Hamakua coffee and is the only coffee-processing operation on the Hamakua Coast. Because the company handles all aspects of production and sales internally, it is able to maintain strict quality control over its products, and its fans tout the coffee’s consistency and flavor as well as the company’s reliance on local farmers and coffee growers.

Affordable, Sustainable Steel Construction 

Often the first choice among business owners seeking places to set up shop that won’t warp, rot or otherwise accrue damage, prefabricated metal commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings provide reliable, easy-to-maintain spaces to work and store assets. Typically faster and cheaper to raise than wood buildings, preconstructed steel buildings generally also offer much lower costs of ownership than most alternatives, resulting in substantial savings over time for the property owners.

This particular steel agricultural building has served the needs of Long Ears Coffee Co. for nearly two decades, maintaining its functionality and aesthetic appeal every step of the way. Located within the Hamakua District, in Hawaii County, the plantation town of Honokaa sits along the scenic Hamakua Coast. The community lies about 42 miles from Hilo and about 14 miles east of Waimea.

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Building Specifications

Steel Agricultural Building Specifications 

Engineered to hold its own in the face of rain, salt, sand and other Hawaii construction hazards, this pre-engineered steel agricultural building gives company owners a safe, year-round space to produce coffee and house related equipment. Once erect, the building stands 30’x60’x16’ in size, and it features a clear-span design that maximizes usable square footage and high clearance that further enhances production and storage capabilities.

Cinnamon Brown in color, the steel production facility has a complementing Royal Red roof with matching trim and a 1:12 pitch overhead, providing a solid layer of protection between the production space and the Hawaii elements. It features (5) framed openings throughout, and these include (2) 5’x8’ skylights, (1) 3070 opening harboring (1) 3070 walk door and (2) 14’xq14’ overhead openings, each equipped with one of (2) 14’x14’ overhead doors. A 100-mph wind speed rating serves as a supplemental customization made with regard for Hawaii’s sometimes-strong winds as well as the building codes currently in place at the build site.