Prefabricated Steel Garage with Lean-To in Pegram, Tennessee

Sunward Steel Buildings. Inc., fabricated and supplied these (2) premanufactured metal buildings for a customer in Pegram, Tennessee. Sunward supplied the first building, a steel garage, in December of 2003, and then the owner purchased an add-on lean-to structure to enhance size and versatility in March of 2006.

Rugged and reliable, the steel buildings feature premium-quality construction, resulting in unsurpassed strength and durability. Affordable and easy to erect and equally easy to maintain, the steel garage and lean-to provide a secure, covered space for storing or servicing vehicles and other goods while keeping them out of the elements and preserving their value.

Affordable Automotive Construction Solutions

Increasingly, mechanics, business owners, auto enthusiasts and others with automotive interests are opting for steel workshops and garages, which offer economical, sustainable construction solutions that help protect their assets from damage and wear. Almost completely customizable in terms of bays, ceiling heights, door sizes, insulation and numerous other aspects, pre-engineered metal garages provide low-maintenance places for owners to keep vehicles that can also serve any number of other needs.

These steel buildings have been in use for many years now, maintaining their functionality and aesthetic appeal over time. Unlike wooden alternatives, metal shops, garages and other buildings are resistant to damage caused by strong winds, moisture, heavy usage and similar hazards, resulting in lower lifelong costs of ownership.

A small town in northern Tennessee, Pegram is a part of Cheatham County. The community sits about 20 miles outside Nashville and about 13 miles west of Belle Meade.

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Building Specifications

Standing 30’x10’x15.75’ in size, the steel garage gives its owner a safe, durable and versatile place to store and protect cars, trucks and similar valuable assets. It features a wide clear-span that maximizes usable square footage and high overhead clearance that leaves plenty of room for raising or working on vehicles. The attached steel lean-to stands 60’x40’x12’ once erect, expanding the amount of usable covered space at the property.

Both steel buildings boast attractive, Stone Beige exteriors that enhance their street appeal, and each has a complementing Royal Blue roof with Stone Beige trim, lifetime ZAC fasteners and a 3:12 pitch overhead, offering protection against the elements and corrosion. The steel garage also features several additional customizations that help prevent moisture from pooling near the building, among them a Stone Beige-colored eave gutter and 30 linear feet of matching downspouts.

The metal lean-to, meanwhile, features 90 linear feet of downspouts across six locations and a Stone Beige eave gutter along two sides. It also features (6) 5’8” translucent Hi-Rib panels. Both metal buildings also have several supplemental features added in compliance with local building code requirements, among them 10-pound snow loads and 90-mph wind speed ratings.