Mississippi’s Pre-Manufactured Steel Building Supply

Need more storage, or a safe place to keep your collection of high-end cars? Looking to open a gym, a church or a mini storage facility? Mississippi buyers and business owners in need of long-lasting, sustainable building solutions increasingly rely on Sunward Steel, a trusted name in steel building with a nearly 50-year history in the field.

When you purchase your pre-engineered metal building through Sunward, you can rest assured that we utilize only the highest-quality steel components, including our reliance on G-90 galvanized steel. We also fabricate bracing systems that far surpass industry standards, meeting a minimum 50 ksi. If you are in search of a:

  • Carport
  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing facility
  • Barn
  • Commercial property
    …or virtually any other type of private or commercial steel building, you’ve come to the right place.

The Many Benefits of Steel Construction

Regardless of the type of building you’re looking to purchase, you may be deciding between steel and wood construction. Steel offers numerous benefits for buyers when compared with wood construction, among them the fact that it:

  • Requires far less in terms of labor costs. When you purchase a pre-engineered metal building, it will arrive at your build site ready to raise, with all components pre-designed to ensure a proper fit. This means you can have your building raised and running in only days, as opposed to the weeks or even months it might take to erect a standard, wooden building.
  • Requires less maintenance. With wood buildings, you constantly have to worry about rotting, damage caused by termites and other pests and related concerns. Steel, meanwhile, requires only minimal upkeep, and it tends to stand strong for generations without needing much at all in terms of maintenance.
  • Is better for the environment. Steel is completely recyclable, meaning the metal in your building can be utilized for a different purpose once the building reaches the end of its lifespan. You also don’t have to worry about your steel building releasing harmful toxins into the air, which can happen with certain wood-treated structures.

Steel buildings have come a long way since the days the material was used primarily for skyscrapers and factories. Nowadays, you can customize color, trim and related elements, creating a final product that is as eye-catching and aesthetically appealing as it is functional.


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