Metal Building Foundations

Steel Building Foundations

The strength and durability of your metal building starts with its foundation. One of your building’s critical components, there are a variety of options when choosing the right foundation for your building. Many factors play into the type of foundation that is appropriate for your building.

  • Location
  • Soil Type
  • Weight Of The Building
  • Anchor Bolt Locations
  • Reactions
  • Frost Lines
  • Building Loads

Most steel building buyers choose one of three foundation types. The type of foundation you install helps determine the rest of the construction process, so deciding what foundation type to use is an important early step in the planning and erection of your steel building.

Pouring the foundation requires precise measurements and planning. Cutting any corners in these areas may come back to bite you. Sunward Steel works in close conjunction with your concrete engineer to ensure the engineer has the building plans and technical specifications needed to get the job done right. A foundation engineer will gather information from our engineers and access your local conditions, as well as your building usage and design your foundation.

Foundation Options

Pier Foundations

Pier foundations are used when a concrete slab floor is not needed. They are commonly used for barns, equipment storage, horse buildings, and in other buildings when cost is a factor.

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Perimeter Foundations

Perimeter wall foundations are used in buildings that are heated in areas where the ground freezes.

This helps prevent the frost from freezing the ground under the slab.

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Monolithic Foundations

Monolithic foundations are typically used in non-heated structures. They are commonly used in self storage buildings, shops and other buildings with light gauge framing. They can also be used in conjunction with piers for additional column support.

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