Prefabricated Metal Aircraft Hangar in Denton, Texas

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was proud to fabricate and provide this pre-engineered steel building for a customer in Denton, Texas, in March of 1997.

Rugged, spacious and built to last, the building now functions as a steel aircraft hangar for Nebrig & Associates, a global aircraft sales corporation and aviation consultant based in Denton. Established in 1991, Nebrig & Associates helps aviation clients with a broad range of efforts, from buying and selling planes and other aircraft to renting aircraft hangars at the nearby Denton Enterprise Airport.

A trusted member of the aviation industry for nearly 30 years, Nebrig & Associates is known throughout the region as a reliable provider of premium-quality aircraft, and the company also supports a number of philanthropic efforts each year, among them the American Heart Association and the Children’s Advocacy Center of Denton County.

Unrivaled Protection for Aircraft 

Prefabricated steel aircraft hangars are a common construction choice among Texas residents and business owners who want to help protect the resale value of their pricy investments. Offering unmatched strength and durability, steel hangars typically stand tall in the face of extreme weather, fires, and other common construction hazards, giving aircraft owners peace of mind that their valuables will remain safe and protected.

Metal aviation buildings are also highly customizable in terms of size, doors, ventilation, storage space, and similar features, so they can undergo engineering to accommodate aircraft of virtually any size.

This particular pre-engineered metal hangar has given Nebrig & Associates a reliable, secure space to house aircraft and conduct operations for decades, maintaining its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity every step of the way. Part of the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex, the city of Denton falls within Denton County. The community sits about 37 miles northwest of Plano and about 25 miles west of Frisco, Texas.

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Building Specifications

Boasting an unobstructed clear-span design that provides ample room for storing aircraft, this metal hangar features top-quality steel construction and a finished, fully erect size of 120’x100’x22’4”. Offering optimum protection from the elements, the building helps valuable airplanes and other assets retain their value, and a hardwearing Dark Green roof with a 1:12 pitch helps accomplish this.

The hangar, itself, features an attractive White exterior, enhancing street appeal, and it also boasts a 70-mph wind speed rating in consideration of local climate patterns and building code requirements. Additional customizations and key features include (1) 3070 framed opening enclosing (1) 3070 walk door and several accommodations made to help prevent water from pooling around the hangar’s foundation, among them 200 linear feet of downspouts and 320 linear feet of eave gutters.