Alaska Steel Buildings Require Unique Considerations

Life in Alaska is not for the faint of heart, and the same holds true when it comes to construction. At Sunward Steel, we understand that winters here can be longer, colder and snowier than they are in many other locales, and we have a firm understanding of the unique building considerations that go into constructing a metal structure on Alaska soil.

Some Of The Types Of Buildings We Frequently Source In Alaska Include:

  • Farming and Agricultural Buildings
  • Industrial and manufacturing buildings
  • Churches
  • Shops
  • Fishing Lodges
  • Livestock/Animal Housing Structures

When you need a rugged, reliable metal building that complies with local building codes, you can count on Sunward Steel to make it happen.

Our Exclusive, Anti-Leak System

In addition to a pre-engineered building that’s going to endure, you need one that’s going to stand strong against corrosion and the often-harsh Alaska elements. That’s exactly what Sunward Steel has delivered for more than 40 years. Our buildings feature an industry-unique Anti-Leak System®, which means we rely on a series of checks and balances to ensure that your building is watertight, and that moisture doesn’t seep inside, or within its sheets.

Additional Resources For Alaska Buyers

When you invest in a metal building, you want to ensure that it adheres to all building specs, recommendations and regulations in place in your area. Not sure what those include? We can help by utilizing our broad network of contractors located in the Last Frontier who can offer guidance, and we can also help link you with one of them to get your building erected, if need be.

Affordable, Reliable Building Solutions

Did you know that erecting a pre-engineered metal building is far more affordable than having one built through traditional construction methods? In fact, opting for steel construction can save you almost half of what you would likely spend otherwise, freeing up more money to insulate, outfit the interior or otherwise get your building in premium working condition. Regardless of the type of steel building you need, Sunward Steel has the inventory, the expertise and the connections needed to make your vision a reality.





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