Strong, Sturdy Steel Buildings Fit for Life in Vermont

As someone living or working in Vermont, you’ve probably heard the adage that “if you don’t like New England weather, wait five minutes.” In the steel building industry, we understand that this means our Vermont customers need reliable, long-lasting steel buildings that maintain their strength despite heavy snow, fierce winds, variable temperatures and whatever else Mother Nature throws their way.

At Sunward Steel, we’ve spent the last 45+ years manufacturing pre-engineered metal buildings kits appropriate for life in the Green Mountain State. Whether you are looking for a barn, an agricultural storage building, a mini storage facility, a commercial property or another type of metal building entirely, we can help supply you with one that not only fits your plans, but also complies with or exceeds any existing building code requirements in place in your area.

Why Steel?

You undeniably have options when it comes to what building material to invest in, but there are clear benefits that come with opting for steel construction. When compared with wood buildings, metal ones:

  • Are far easier to maintain. Your wood building, whether a storefront, storage area or what have you, will require regular upkeep, from repainting and wood-treating to protecting it against pests, such as termites. With steel buildings, these issues are all but eliminated, and we personally guarantee that all our paint colors will hold their beauty for between 25 and 40 years.
  • Are cheaper to erect. Compared with standard, wood construction, erecting a prefabricated steel building is child’s play. All building components arrive to you to precut and ready to go, so you can raise the building in a matter of days, rather than weeks or more, cutting construction and labor costs considerably.
  • Are environmentally friendlier. Deforestation continues to be a problem across the world, but steel construction presents a highly functional, versatile alternative. About 80 million tons of steel are recycled every year, so when you no longer need your building, chances are, it can be completely re-purposed.

Need help designing a building that will adhere to local building codes, or need an extra hand at your build site when it’s time to raise it? Sunward Steel maintains relationships with a broad network of construction professionals throughout New England, so we can help point you in the right direction.





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