Steel Gymnasium Building in Los Angeles, California

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. supplied this palatial, 2,500 square-foot pre-engineered metal workout facility in 2013 for a well known actor, model and musician.

The respected entertainer’s gym was originally purchased from Sunward to serve as a metal aircraft hangar and features a large bi-fold door. The repurposed gym is now a part of an expansive, nearly $13 million Beverly Hills, California estate, and it serves as the personal gym, and boxing facility with an outdoor basketball court. The original large aircraft door, now opens the gym nicely to the basketball court, allowing for an open feeling.  Featuring a Colony Green exterior that backs up to a full-size basketball court, the former airplane hanger stands 60’x40’x18’ in size and offers a broad, open floor plan that holds hundreds of weight and workout machines, a boxing ring, a state-of-the-art sound system and numerous other custom touches.

Spiral staircases lead to an elevated workout area holding ellipticals and other equipment, while tall windows usher in the California sunshine and (1) commercial walk door gives the actor and his family easy access to their onsite training facility. Overhead, a rugged, corrosion-resistant roof comprised of metal Galvalume panels protects the interior of the gym against the elements, while a 70-mph wind speed rating further enhances overall durability.

Home to many of Hollywood’s elite, Beverly Hills is a small, affluent community set within Southern California’s Los Angeles County. Home to the iconic Rodeo Drive, the city serves as the setting for numerous TV shows and movies and sits about 12 miles outside Downtown Los Angeles.

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