Industrial Shop Building in Killdeer, North Dakota

Sunward Steel Buildings manufactured and provided this pre-engineered metal building on behalf of a client in Killdeer, North Dakota, in April of 2014.

Designed and engineered to serve The Wood Group, a North Dakota-based business with interests in the nearby oil fields, the building serves double-duty as a shop and industrial warehouse, and it spans 45,138 square feet of space. Robust, attractive and accommodating, the building features a bold, part-Rustic Red, part-Misty Gray exterior that offers considerable curb appeal along North Dakota’s Highway 22.

Versatile, Dependable Building Solutions 

Steel buildings are a common choice among many North Dakota home and business owners, and this is due in part to their economical, sustainable nature. Additionally, steel buildings are better prepared to withstand the rigors of life in the state’s sometimes harsh climate, holding their own despite heavy snow, extreme temperatures and other potential hazards.

Steel buildings are also preferable for many business owners because they feature low-maintenance designs that require only minimal effort in terms of upkeep. Unlike standard wood construction, which is prone to warping, rotting and peeling, steel construction delivers unmatched durability while requiring little more than an occasional hose-down to maintain its aesthetic appeal.

Situated within western North Dakota’s Dunn County, the community of Killdeer bears the name of the nearby Killdeer mountains. It lies about 22 miles west of Halliday and roughly 8 miles west of Dunn Center.

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Building Specifications

Following a simple erection process, the prefabricated metal shop building offers a finished size of 100’x350’x33’, while an equally durable, corrosion-resistant metal roof with a 1:12 pitch provides additional protection from above. Key features include (12) 18’x20’ drive-thru bays and (16) 18’x20’ drive-in bays, which enhance the shop and industrial warehouse’s overall accessibility and functionality. A 90-mph wind speed rating serves as an additional feature included with regard for the climate characteristics of Killdeer and the surrounding landscape.