Prefabricated Boat and RV Storage Building in Yankton, South Dakota

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., had the pleasure of manufacturing and supplying this prefabricated steel building for a customer in Yankton, South Dakota, in October of 2004.

Fabricated in neighboring North Dakota and delivered to the jobsite in clearly marked, easy-to-erect packages, this building features rugged, heavy-duty steel construction and undergoes use as Guthmiller Storage, an RV and boat storage facility. Offering indoor and outdoor storage space, the facility caters to residential and commercial renters from across Yankton and throughout southeastern South Dakota and accommodates a wide range of storage needs.

Affordable, Easy-to-Erect Steel Self-Storage Buildings 

Intended for use in the always-hopping self-storage industry, pre-engineered metal buildings like this one help generate regular income for their owners requiring nominal upkeep over time. Their prefabricated nature means they arrive partially assembled, significantly lowering construction costs, and they are also easy to maintain, lowering lifetime ownership expenses.

Renters from across southeastern South Dakota have long relied on Guthmiller Storage to house and protect their prized possessions. Because boat and RV seasons are sometimes short in this part of the country, enthusiasts need safe, secure spaces to store their investments during the offseason, and this facility fits the bill.

The city of Yankton is part of Yankton County. Located along the Missouri River, the community sits about 80 miles outside Sioux Falls and about 26 miles outside Vermillion.

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Building Specifications

Offering the supreme durability needed to protect stored assets in South Dakota’s sometimes-harsh environment, the bright White steel storage building is 30’x120’x8.5’ when raised. Divided into smaller rentable units, the facility produces a regular stream of revenue for its owner, and a hardwearing, corrosion-resistant Galvalume steel roof with a mild 0.5:12 roof pitch offers protection from above.

The metal boat and RV storage facility also has several climate-related customizations included with respect for the typical wind and snow patterns of the area. A 90-mph wind speed rating is one such enhancement, and a 28-psf snow load is another. Safe, secure and accessible only by renters, this self-storage building offers year-round protection for stored goods and assets, helping them maintain their functionality, good looks and resale value.