Prefabricated Steel Gymnasium in Candler, North Carolina

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., had the privilege of manufacturing and supplying this prefabricated steel gymnasium in Candler, North Carolina, in November of 2008.

Designed and engineered for use as a home gymnasium, the building features premium-quality steel construction and blends seamlessly with the surrounding stately property. It has basketball hoops for the homeowners to use and padded walls to enhance safety, providing a safe, all-season space for family and friends to come together and recreate. The home gym features an unobstructed interior thanks to a wide, clear-span design, so the owners can also use it for special events, family gatherings and similar purposes.

Affordable, Low-Maintenance Metal Athletic Buildings 

Frequently used as home gyms, tennis courts or gymnastics, soccer or equestrian arenas, among other common uses, pre-engineered metal buildings provide budget-friendly building solutions for today’s home and business owners. Highly customizable and engineered for use in a buyer’s specific city or town, prefabricated steel athletic buildings provide safe, year-round spaces to utilize that are generally faster and cheaper to erect than alternatives.

Part of the Asheville metro area, Candler is an unincorporated community in western North Carolina’s Buncombe County. It sits about 11 miles from Asheville and about 12 miles west of Biltmore Forest.

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Building Specifications

Attractive and multifunctional, the metal gymnasium is 45’x60’x20’ once erect and has the high overhead clearance needed for the installation and use of basketball hoops. Offering ample curb appeal, the steel gym features a striking Tan exterior, while its Coco Brown-colored roof has complementing white trim and a 3:12 pitch.

Offering the homeowners easy access into their recreational building are (2) framed openings, which include (1) 10’x10’ overhead door opening enclosing (1) 10’x10’ overhead door and (1) 3068 walk door opening enclosing (1) 3068 walk door. The gym also has (6) 11’-4’ translucent panels that serve as skylights, allowing natural sunlight inside.

The metal home gym also has a number of climate-related features and customizations. To help prevent moisture from collecting on its roof or near its foundation, it has 120 linear feet of 4” gutters along two sides and 160 linear feet of downspouts across eight locations. Other noteworthy accommodations include a 90-mph wind speed rating and a 10.5-psf snow load, which keep it compliant with building codes in place in Candler.