Direct Shipping To Canada

Sunward Steel Buildings owns and operates two large-full functioning steel building manufacturing plants in North Dakota. Our ND manufacturing plants supply and deliver steel buildings to Canada often. With a quick, easy and direct route to Canada from our manufacturing plant and sister company, Wedgcor Manufacturing, our steel buildings deliver with ease. We have proudly supplied many buildings to the Canada and surrounding areas.

Proud Supplier Of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Across Canada

Sunward Steel is a proud supplier of pre-engineered steel building kits of all types, supplying tens of thousands of buildings across North America and Canada since our inception more than 40 years ago. Currently, two of our three full-scale manufacturing facilities are in North Dakota and within relatively close proximity to the Canadian border, simplifying shipping and logistics and shortening delivery times.

All of our buildings are comprised of premium-grade steel components (we utilize 50-55 KSI high-strength plate steel), ensuring they offer the steadfast reliability and durability Canada’s variable climate demands. We can also work with you to make sure your structure is in adherence to building code requirements in place in your area. Prefabricated metal building types we commonly supply across Canada include:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Storage buildings
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Industrial buildings

Whether you’re looking for a traditional base building in one of several common sizes, or you need to fully customize a steel building to accommodate you or your business’s unique needs, we can help you create a versatile, functional and adaptable space at a highly competitive price point.

Customization Options   

Typically, our buyers in Canada choose to insulate their steel buildings to allow for year-round usability, and doing so also offers a significant return-on-investment in terms of energy savings. While insulating your steel building can result in substantial savings and improved sound control, among other benefits, you also have numerous other customization options at your disposal when you purchase your building through Sunward Steel.

From windows and skylights to cupolas, ridge vents, individual work bays and other opportunities for customization, we have the ability to add a near-endless assortment of features you can utilize to adapt your building for use on Canadian soil. As a single-source steel building manufacturer and supplier, we assist you through every stage of design and construction, streamlining communications and simplifying the entire process.

Have questions about customization or shipping options for Canadian steel buildings, or ready to start designing your own? Get in touch today and rest assured that by partnering with Sunward, you’re getting the best guidance, craftsmanship and customer service the industry has to offer.


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