What Our Customers Are Saying

"We are very pleased with our Sunward Steel Building and everyone involved with the company. Choosing Sunward for my building project was the best move I ever made. Sunward’s engineering and standard features were the best for my company. We felt Sunward offered us the best value for our dollar. In comparison, their building was the best. Sunward has an excellent product at a great price!"

Greg Polk

Rocky Mountain Pavememt Maintenance

"After researching steel buildings and the many manufacturers, we chose Sunward for several reasons. First; the sales representative, designer, engineers and other employees of Sunward Steel were very knowledgeable and a pleasure to do business with. Second; the quality of the structure and overall attention to detail is at a high level. Having high quality and a strong building is very important to us for housing our specialty car collection, but we also wanted a building that had great looks on the inside and out. Third; we felt Sunward offered us the best value for our dollar. In comparison, their building was the best."

Chris and Brett Watson

Arvada, CO

"We are very pleased with our Sunward Steel building and everyone involved with the company. The building arrived on time, fit together well, has a beautiful finish and over four years in use we have no complaints with our building. We have referred many other people to Sunward Steel Buildings"

Fred and Connie Strotham

Confire Vineyards - Palisades, CO

"Choosing Sunward for my building project was the best move I ever made. The insulation package option has saved me money every month. Our building went up fast and we have since added on to the main facility many times. As my business grows, so does the building."

Ken Walter

Walter’s Auto Specialties - Englewood, CO

"We’ve been in our building now for over eight years. It was an economical building for us to build. The engineered erection prints and anchor bolt plans provided by Sunward helped us get the concrete foundation in so when the building was delivered everything came together nicely. Sunward has an excellent product at a great price!"

Geoff Glenn

Three G’s Body & Paint - Littleton, CO

"Having built a warehouse before, using Sunward’s steel building system, when it came to making a decision on a building for our van body and truck equipment operation, choosing Sunward was the easiest decision I had to make on the whole project. Owning a business that was bursting at the seams at its prior location, time was of the essence and the team at Sunward delivered big-time! We were operation in less than seven months after breaking ground. From concept to engineering to erecting to durability, we are very satisfied with Sunward’s service and product line."

Greg Alfred

Alfred Industries - Henderson, CO

"We put our building up ourselves, did not run into any problems. Sunward supplied us a building manual which showed us all the tools we would need and how to get the building foundation square, which I felt was the most important part of the project. They also supplied us with a anchor bolt plan so all the columns lined up, and from there we got all the purlins and girts bolted into place. I knew I was going to be needing a larger building in the future so I had them design my building with an expandable endwell so that adding another bay would be a cost effective option. The following year I added two more bays and it really looks nice."

Butch Hartman

CAM Services - Denver, CO

"Our “shop” was manufactured in 2005, and has held up thus far. Bringing all THREE companies based out of this shop, many great years and plenty of space. The bosses were able to make it their own quirky little workshop, on top of an office space and a “saw cave” for the tree guys. Great work, Sunward Steel!"

Mulch Mill

"WedgCor/Sunward Building which we purchased in Spring of 2012 has been a great addition to our Commercial Property Portfolio. We love running our business out of this facility and get comments on it all the time of how nice the exterior and interior of the building looks. It’s been almost 7 years now and have had 0 problems with it. The next building we build across the street will be another WedgCor Building again because we’re proud of what we have already and look forward to using a great product again in the near future. Thanks WedgCor for producing top quality building products. Brett & The Accelerated Green Works Team!"

Brett Kalias

"My building has been up since the spring of 1998 and looks as good as the day it was built, even the paint hasn’t faded. An excellent company to deal with."

Ken Thomas

"Excellent customer service! Worked with me more than one project. The project as a whole was completed before listed deadlines. Revised minor parts discrepancies immediately and everything was replaced “on-the-house!!” Overall one of the best construction companies I have ever worked with. They are a grade above the rest when it comes to catering to the specific project and its personnel. In addition to excellent customer service, the buildings that are supplied by Wedgcor/Sunward Steel are top notch and competitively priced. Never had any issues worthy of recording. Highly Recommended to everyone."

Jerod McClanithan

"Thank you for reaching out to us, I was unaware that our building was a Sunward Steel Arena until recently. The arena was previously owned by L.L.Bean and with much anticipation the company sold it to us last year. The building and surrounding property was meticulously maintained and is perfect for our horses. Our business is flourishing, and everything has been smooth sailing. We love our building. I will recommend your product 10 times over!"

Freeport Equestrian Center

"Sunward Steel has excellent project management, ensuring a successful project. They very clearly outlined expectations for budget and timeline, and worked with us to adjust and fine-tune both as needed. Ultimately, our project was completed on budget and on time (give or take a few additional days for final touch ups). Our weekly phone meetings during construction are very organized and efficient, including agendas sent in advance to ensure alignment on open topics/issues. Sunward also partners very well with any sub-contractors needed to ensure that the same level of professionalism and work ethic is provided, regardless who is completing the work. If any questions or issues arise, they go above and beyond to ensure they are addressed immediately. Our sales rep guided us through every step of the process & has become nearly a second family member. Thank you Sunward!"

Kathryn Edwards

"I would like to say that the overall experience with Sunward Steel Buildings and their team exceeded my expectations. From the beginning stage of the building planning the owner of the company and his employees personally met with us multiple time to make sure that the design of our buildings were to our liking. The building design process included multiple emails and blueprint pictures showing the building we had in mind. The Sunward staff also worked as fast as possible to get my price secured so raising steel prices did not affect my price. The building was delivered on the date that was promised with all parts completely organized and easy to put together. The step by step manual makes these buildings manageable to erect. When there was questions on the building process I could always call Sunward and get an answer the same day. After being involved in 2 Sunward buildings totaling over 14,400 square feet I would highly recommend this company!"

Darrell Linkus

"My company is in the business of erecting metal buildings in Colorado. We have been installing metal buildings for over 35 years. We have erected most brands of buildings and worked with numerous companies. Sunward Steel Buildings has become our primary supplier, they have superior products, great service support and the people are great to work with. There products are simple,complete, and complete.complete.Schedules are met as agreed. If we need something additional during the erection process we can typically get it without any delay. We have priced components elsewhere and the pricing in most cases is lower than we get through local distributors. With no reservations I would recommend the Sunward Company as the better choice in metal building products and design. consistently!"

Robert Bliss

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