Self Storage Building in New Gloucester, Maine

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., manufactured and supplied this pre-engineered steel self storage building in New Gloucester, Maine in February 2020.

Once erected the building hosts the Nichols Self Storage, a steel storage facility that offers rent-able storage and warehouse space. This steel storage building features both interior and exterior units, dubbed a “Storage Hybrid Facility”, as all units are conjoined under one roof for one complete building.

The storage facility boasts both climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled rent-able units in a list of varied sizes, accommodating a broad range of storage and space needs.

A “Recession-Proof” Industry – 2020 & Beyond

Steel self-storage buildings such as this one, frequently provide steady streams of revenue for their owners, most of whom collect monthly rent from clients while maintaining low maintenance and ownership costs. Conclusively, the self-storage industry is secured as “recession proof”.

The historic year of 2020 and the novel Corona Virus that will carry into 2021 is proving profitable for the self-storage market. As there is movement & change in the US workforce that directly affects individuals and initiated adjustments in work and home locations for millions of people. A secure place to store valuables is of importance during times of relocation and reestablishment of residences and corporations.

Our Guarantee

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Building Specifications

Manufactured to withstand Nor’ Easters, Hurricanes, heavy snow, strong winds, and common pests, this steel storage building features high-end steel construction and stands 50x250x12.41/14.5 in size. The exterior of the building introduces itself with Galvanized Framing and custom inclusions such as steel steps, walk doors and overhead doors.

Distributed throughout the steel storage facility are (45) framed openings ranging in terms of size.

Featured are (10) 9’x10’ mini storage door openings equipped with (10) 9’x10’ mini storage doors, (26) 9’x7’ framed openings, each enclosing one of (26) 9’x7’ metal mini storage doors, (7) 10’x12’ framed openings, (1) 4’x7’ framed opening with a correlating overhead door; all featuring a Smart Blue color package. Also including, (8) 3070 commercial walk doors in Solid White and (2) 4070 half glass walk doors.

The storage facility’s climate-controlled areas, meanwhile, R-38 12” Banding System on the roof and R-19 6” wall insulation, which regulates the temperature of stored property while conserving energy bills associated with the storage business.

A 115-mph wind speed rating and a high, 49-psf snow load serve as additional accommodations made in consideration of the building codes in place in Kennebec County and the variable weather and climate characteristics of the area.