Steel Oil Building in Jamestown, North Dakota

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. was proud to manufacture and supply this pre-engineered steel oil building on behalf of a Farmers Union Oil & Co-op in Jamestown, North Dakota.

To best accommodate this customer, this building was manufactured from our Wedgcor production line in ND. This Farmers Union Co-op has become a long-standing & reliable co-op catering to families, farmers & business owners throughout rural & central North Dakota. This gable framed building erected in 1987 stands as an anchor in the Stutsman County community & still emulates immaculate curb appeal despite years of harsh winters and heavy usage.

North Dakota Legendary

Easily adaptable, hard-wearing and economical, steel buildings are a popular choice among business owners with industrial and agricultural interests. Our building blueprints consist of pre-fabricated building kits which can accommodate future “add-on” compatibilities and customizations in accordance with future changing needs.

North Dakota’s ninth-largest city, Jamestown is situated within Stutsman County. Sunward is heavily involved with the Bakken Oil Field & providing steel buildings throughout Williston, Dickinson & Montana; we have an extensive Bakken property portfolio. Our Wedgcor manufacturing facility is located in Jamestown ND; we are continuously proud to serve our home state & support our longstanding customers, many of whom are families, farmers & business owners. We are privileged to contribute to the generation’s rich ranching communities & oil-backed industries within this great state.

The city lies about 100 miles west of Fargo and about 100 miles east of Bismarck. Considering purchasing a pre-engineered metal building for agricultural, commercial, oil/fuel, or other use in North Dakota or another part of the country? Call us at 866.593.1480, email us at or you can click here for a free project consultation and building quote.

Building Specifications

Farmers Union Oil & Co-op building has an attractive Polar White exterior with complementing Royal Blue trim, and it features (2) 3070 framed openings, each of which encloses one of (2) 3070 walk doors. The multipurpose metal facility also boasts a 90-mph wind speed rating & a 45-psf snow load; an enhancement made in consideration of building code requirements and the climate and weather patterns typical of North Dakota.