Pre-engineered, Custom Metal Buildings Fit for Wisconsin Winters

It takes a special kind of strength to stand tall, despite Wisconsin’s often-unforgiving winters, and the state’s buildings, too, must offer supreme durability in the face of fierce winds, heavy snow loads and the like. At Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., we design and manufacture premium-quality pre-engineered building kits that not only fulfill a variety of needs, but also adhere to or exceed any building code requirements in place in your area.

With more than 45 years in the industry and more than 75,000 prefabricated metal buildings supplied for customers across Wisconsin, the nation and the world since our inception, we’ve proven ourselves a name you can trust. We also have relationships with a wide network of contractors and building erectors in your area who can help you onsite when it comes time to raise your building, if need be.

Steel Building Benefits

Know you need a reliable, long-lasting building, but not sure if you want one made of wood or steel? Nowadays, steel buildings offer a broad array of benefits for the modern buyer when compared with wood models, among them:

Lower labor costs. When it’s time to erect your building, you can do so far faster – and far more affordably – if you opt for a prefabricated steel building kit, as opposed to standard, wood construction. Building kit components come precut and ready to go, so you can typically raise your building in a matter of days, cutting labor costs substantially.

Lower lifelong cost of ownership. When it comes to lifelong maintenance costs, you’re looking at far less with a steel building than a wooden one. Wood can warp, crack, rot and suffer moisture-related damage, all of which can require pricy upkeep and repairs, and it is also subject to damage caused by fires, termites and other hazards.

Better adaptability. If you decide you want to modify your building design later, you may find it far easier to do so with a steel building. Why? Many metal buildings are easily adaptable, meaning you may be able to remove end or sidewalls, add additional framework or roof panels, and so on.

If you are in search of a:

  • Garage or carport
  • Mini storage complex
  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing facility
  • Storage shed

…or virtually any other type of pre-manufactured metal building, let Sunward Steel take the lead.


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