Prefabricated Metal Shop And Shipping Facility in Orange, Connecticut

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was proud to manufacture and supply this pre-engineered industrial shipping facility in Orange, Connecticut, in October of 2008.

Durable, affordable, and sustainable, the building serves dual purposes as a shop and shipping facility by Valley Tool & Manufacturing, a Connecticut-based aerospace company that assists with international aerospace, national security, and nuclear research efforts, among others. Spacious, secure, and structurally sound, the building provides a space for company employees to package and ship goods made at the adjoining factory, which workers use for sheet metal fabrication, machining, welding, and assembly work, among other efforts.

Economical, Sustainable Industrial Buildings 

Often the first choice among those looking to purchase buildings for manufacturing, commercial or industrial purposes, prefabricated steel workshops are easy to customize and also typically easy to erect. Their low-maintenance nature also leads to lower lifetime costs of ownership, and it also means they tend to uphold their appeal and functionality while requiring little in terms of maintenance.

This particular steel shop and shipping warehouse serves as a critical part of Valley Tool & Manufacturing’s operations and offers a safe, year-round space for employees to work. The innovative company continues to expand its capabilities through the years, and this metal workshop continues to be an important component of its overall infrastructure.

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Building Specifications

Offering the rugged durability an industrial operation demands, the steel shop is 50’x100’x16’ once raised and has a clear-span design that maximizes space for packaging, shipping, and storing goods on their way out the door. High overhead clearance, meanwhile, makes the shop more versatile while providing additional space for storage.

Stone Beige in color, the building boasts an attractive exterior that draws the eye from the road. Its roof, which is comprised of heavy-duty Galvalume steel paneling and engineered to resist corrosion, has to complement White trim and a 1:12 pitch.

The metal machine shop has (3) 10’x10’ overhead door framed openings that offer easy access inside, and it also features several customizations made in consideration of the building codes that apply at the property address. A 110-mph wind speed rating is one such project characteristic, and a 30-psf snow load is another.