Pentecostal Church Building in Columbiana, Alabama

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. was the manufacturer and supplier of this prefabricated steel church building in Columbiana, Alabama in 2005.

Currently, it serves as New Life Pentecostal Church, located in the bible belt of the Deep South. Offering unrivaled strength and durability and used primarily as a sanctuary and parishioner gathering place. Ultimately providing members of the congregation with a safe, comfortable, and multifunctional space to come together, worship, and commune.

Affordability for Every Congregation

An increasingly popular construction solution among those looking to erect buildings for religious use, prefabricated metal churches combine the strength and functionality of steel buildings with the aesthetic beauty and architectural design of traditional churches. This building hosts church services, classes, meetings, banquets, parties, and community gatherings most Saturdays and Sundays, serving as an important resource for the surrounding community.

When investing in a steel building that will undergo religious use, you’ll want to consider just how much space your congregation will need to stay comfortable, and this includes giving some thought to expansion capabilities. Sunward Steel can utilize expandable end walls and other features when crafting your building that will help ensure it maintains its functionality for the benefit of future generations.

The design possibilities are also near-endless when it comes to your steel religious building. You can utilize windows, skylights, color choices, and other stylistic elements to create a space that conveys the strength and beauty of your congregation.

Embracing the Future, Preserving the Past

Columbiana is located in the heart of Alabama and located within Shelby County. Columbiana holds the annual Liberty Day celebration on the last weekend in June, which was first held in 1986 to honor the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. Rich in American history & home to many family-owned businesses, we are proud to have contributed to the town & community.

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Building Specifications

Introducing itself in pristine condition, and with timeless curb, the pre-engineered steel church building boasts polished Stone Beige wall color and once constructed stands at 85’x85’x15’ in size. Featuring a hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant Rustic Red steel roof with a 6:12 pitch overhead, which offers considerable protection against the Alabama elements, and an open, clear-span design that enhances functionality and versatility. The canopy design also includes a 120-mph wind speed rating and a 15-psf snow load.