Prefabricated Metal Canopy for Recycling Center in Brooklyn, New York

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., manufactured and supplied this pre-engineered metal canopy for a customer in Brooklyn, New York, in early June of 2019.

Part of the infrastructure of Brooklyn’s City Recycling Corp., a recycling center that gives locals a way to recycle plastics, glass, metals, and other recyclable items, this partially enclosed steel canopy houses some of the center’s collection efforts and recycling operations. The now-owner had requested an expedited delivery for the steel building and Sunward complied, ultimately delivering it ahead of schedule. Established in 1994, City Recycling Corp. has high customer satisfaction ratings on numerous consumer-review sites and employs a workforce of about 40 people at a time.

Affordable, Protective Steel Canopies & Covers 

Pre-engineered steel covers and canopies give owners and communities safe, dry spaces to conduct recycling operations, store automobiles, move from place to place or otherwise utilize. Their open-wall design translates into lower prices, and their low-maintenance, easy-to-erect nature means low costs of erection and maintenance.

This particular steel cover effectively houses City Recycling Corp.’s recycling operations, allowing easy access inside while providing reliable protection from above. A borough of New York City, Brooklyn belongs to Kings County. The area borders Queens and Long Island and sits across the East River from Manhattan.

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Building Specifications

Rugged, sustainable and engineered to hold its own against strong winds, heavy snowfall and other New York construction hazards, the building is comprised of heavy-duty steel components that stand the test of time. Following a fast erection, the steel canopy stands 29.5’x78.68’x33.5’-31.04’, and it has a hardwearing, corrosion-resistant single-slope roof with a slight 1:12 pitch and bold Hawaiian Blue trim.

The partially enclosed building has open walls, and it also features several specifications that keep it compliant with building code requirements in place across Brooklyn. The metal canopy has a high, 120-mph wind speed rating and a 21-psf snow load. Sustainable and structurally secure, the steel canopy gives building users a covered space to recycle goods at any time of year.