Insulated Prefabricated Steel Auto Repair Shop in Berlin, Vermont

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was pleased to manufacture and supply this pre-engineered steel building in Berlin, Vermont, in July of 2009.

Boasting high ceilings, supreme energy efficiency, and an asymmetrical two-sided roof, this building features numerous customizations and upgrades and currently functions as an auto repair shop for The Source: Foreign Car Specialists.

Established in 1992, the company specializes in diagnosing and repairing issues affecting all types of Subarus, and it also maintains a broad inventory of pre-owned Subarus available for sale. All vehicles undergo rigorous inspections before hitting the market to help ensure they are safe, reliable, and capable of safely transporting area residents and families throughout Vermont’s long, snowy winters.

The steel automotive building provides ample space for repairing cars, and it also contains a vestibule area, which serves as a customer waiting room, a main office, a bathroom, a utility room, and a wash bay for cleaning Subarus. The building, manufactured in Sunward’s North Dakota factory, also features a wide-open shop space, where The Source conducts the majority of its business.

Affordable Automotive Construction Solutions 

Easy to raise and equally easy to maintain, steel automotive buildings offer reliable, budget-friendly alternatives to wood buildings and similar construction options. Often undergoing use as showrooms, car dealerships, car washes, and automotive repair shops, among other common automotive applications, these buildings hold their own against extreme temperatures, heavy snowfall, and other New England construction hazards.

Located in Vermont’s Washington County, the town of Berlin is the region’s commercial epicenter. It sits between the area’s two largest cities; Barre and Montpelier.

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Building Specifications

Comprised of high-end, heavy-gauge steel components, the metal auto body sits on a 1’6” stem wall and stands 50’x60’x25’ when raised, providing plenty of room for car lifts and other equipment used in automotive repair efforts. It has a 7’4” 29-gauge “R” liner panel with trim along the walls, which helps protect the building’s insulation package and exterior walls.

Burnished Slate in color, the business has a customized Galvalume roof with complementing Red trim overhead. The roof is two-sided and asymmetrical, with one side boasting a 3:12 roof pitch, and the other, a 2:12 roof pitch.

Within that roof is a 6” layer of WMP-VR-faced R-19 fiberglass insulation, while another, 4” layer of R-13 WMP-VR-faced fiberglass insulation sits within the walls. The insulation helps prevent condensation from threatening the body shop’s structural integrity, and it also leads to lower energy expenses and a more comfortable work environment.

The roof also has a 1’ structural eave extension and a 1’ structural gable extension, both with soffit trims, and distributed throughout the steel auto repair shop are (20) door and window openings varying in size. Included are (2) 3070 commercial walk doors, (2) 12’x12’ overhead door openings, (1) 4’4”x7’2” walk door opening, (14) 3’x3’ windows and (1) 4’x4’ window.

Other noteworthy accommodations include a 90-mph wind speed rating and a 42-psf snow load. These additions make the automotive business better-equipped for life in Vermont, and they also keep the building compliant with building code requirements in place across Berlin.