Prefabricated Commercial Steel Building in El Dorado, Kansas

Sunward Steel Buildings designed, manufactured, and delivered this commercial steel building in El Dorado Kansas in 2002.

Today, it is home to Stanfield Roofing Company, the award-winning, family-based Kansas contracting company that specializes in commercial roofing restorations. With expansion needs directed in the mid-west and states wide into the Dakotas, Sunward engineered a building that was not only conducive to the founding commitment to professionalism & consistency to clientele needs but also a state-of-the-art facility that would be operational for years to come. This commercial building was designed with component-specific provisions to accommodate everyday business operations such as fleet vehicles, large equipment, storage, and headquarters offices.

Kudos, Kansas.

The distinguished Stanfield Roofing Company has grown and expanded since its inception 16 years ago; they have broadened their perimeters and are now providing their prudential services to clients in Colorado, Missouri, and with interests reaching as far north as Canada. Our steel building kits offer limitless construction possibilities that prove to be cost-effective in terms of company growth and expansion needs. Our pre-fabricated, steel building blueprints allow for seamless structure additions and guaranteed streamlined construction for such projects.

Our building experts will consult with you and provide top-notch guidance whether it be day one or year twenty-five after initial construction, with 50+ years of experience, we are experts in the industry. Considering purchasing a pre-engineered metal building for commercial, agriculture, oil/fuel or other oilfield operations in Kansas, the Dakota’s, or another part of the country? Call us today or click here for a customized building price quote.

Building Specifications

Stanfield Roofing Company’s combination shop-and-office offers a finished, fully erect size of 50’Wx100L’x16’H and is comprised of premium-grade steel components. This gable-framed metal building features a heard-wearing, corrosion-resistant metal roof with a purposeful 2:12 pitch, which offers considerable protection against the elements. In consideration of the variable weather the area typically receives, a high MPH wind load serves as an additional metal building characteristic.

With unsurpassed versatility, this anchored, pre-engineered commercial steel structure boasts a clear-span design ideal for performing work and storing related equipment, while providing a durable, climate-controlled space.

Steel buildings have come a long way in terms of aesthetics over the years, and today’s steel buildings combine a wide variety of architectural elements to achieve the look and feel a buyer seeks. Completely customizable when it comes to doorswindowsinsulation, ventilation, ceiling height, exterior facades, and more, prefabricated metal buildings are also generally faster to erect than wooden alternatives, resulting in major construction savings for buyers.