Commercial Steel Building in Biloxi, Mississippi

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. had the honor of fabricating and supplying this pre-engineered metal building on behalf of a customer in Biloxi, Mississippi, in March of 2012.

These days, the building functions as the company headquarters for Premier Craneworks, a highly-ranked supplier of top-name cranes and equipment that caters to the surrounding southern Mississippi community. In addition to serving as a shop, the prefabricated metal building offers a storage room for tools, trucks, and other business assets and supplies used for industrial, commercial, or governmental projects, and it also holds the company’s administrative offices.

A Leading Provider of Top-Quality Cranes & Equipment  

A key resource for those in need of cranes with capacities ranging between 30 and 300 tons, Premier Craneworks also provides repair and support services for its customers who hail from a broad range of industries. All Premier Craneworks employees also undergo extensive training to ensure compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.

An economical option for those in search of durable, reliable business, industrial, or storage construction solutions, prefabricated steel buildings such as this one are completely customizable so they can accommodate virtually any type of business need. Low maintenance and easy to erect, commercial steel buildings offer a functional alternative to traditional wooden structures while holding their own against water, salt, wind, and other potential building hazards.

Part of southern Mississippi’s Harrison County, the city of Biloxi falls within the Biloxi-Gulfport metropolitan area. Situated directly along the Mississippi Sound, the community sits about 4 miles outside Ocean Springs and about 5 miles south of Saint Martin, Mississippi.

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Building Specifications

Versatile, functional and designed to last, the pre-engineered metal shop, storage and office building features premium-quality steel construction, and once fully erect, it stands 50’x50’x18-20.08’ in size.

The steel shop also features gutters and downspouts on the exterior, which effectively divert water away from the shop’s foundation, thereby preventing moisture-related damage. It also features (3) framed openings, which include (1) 3070 opening enclosing (1) 3070 walk door, (1) 14’x16’ overhead opening enclosing (1) 14’x16’ overhead door and (1) 14’x18’ overhead opening, which houses (1) 14’x18’ overhead door. A 5-pound snow load and a high, 140-mph wind speed rating serve as additional shop characteristics added with regard for the hurricane activity sometimes seen in the Biloxi area as well as the building code requirements in place at the construction site.