Steel Warehouse Building in Las Vegas, Nevada

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., fabricated and provided this pre-constructed steel warehouse building Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2015.

Currently, the expansive, multi-functional metal building serves as a warehouse for Xhibit Solutions, a supplier of large-format graphics, custom vehicle wraps, exhibit signage and similar promotional and trade show materials. In addition to manufacturing and providing portable displays for use in trade shows, conferences and similar events and affairs, Xhibit has expanded its capabilities in recent years, and it now offers a broad range of additional promotional products, among them phone-charging stations, iPad and tablet stands, hybrid displays and more.

Substantial Savings Compared to Traditional Construction  

Faster and cheaper to erect that most alternative construction options, prefabricated steel warehouses and distribution centers allow business owners to protect and preserve their inventory while giving them the space they need to conduct operations. Buyers can also customize their warehouses and distribution centers so they can easily accommodate ceiling cranes, mezzanines, sprinkler systems, ventilation systems and numerous other elements common in warehouse environments.

This particular steel warehouse gives Xhibit Solutions owners and employees a secure, versatile space to work and store goods, and it is also easily adaptable, should the need for more square footage arise in the future.

Situated within southern Nevada’s Clark County, in the Las Vegas Valley, and 63 miles east of Pahrump, the city of North Las Vegas is the fourth-largest in the state. It sits about 3 miles north of Las Vegas and about 11 miles outside Paradise, Nevada.

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Building Specifications

Comprised of rugged, robust steel components, the steel warehouse delivers unmatched strength and durability, and once raised, it stands 126’x175’18’ in size. Stone Beige in color, the warehouse building boasts a striking stucco wall wrap that enhances its street appeal, while overhead, a Galvalume roof with a 1:12 pitch offers ample protection from the elements and corrosion. A Mansguard tube system serves as an additional customization used for the stucco walls that are not parallel with the building’s street wall panels.

The warehouse features an open, clear-span design that maximizes storage space, while its ceilings offer the high clearance typically desired by businesses with e-commerce operations. The building also offers easy accessibility thanks to (17) framed openings distributed throughout the space, among them (1) 3’4”x7’2” walk door, (5) 3070 commercial walk door systems, (1) storefront 3070 walk door system, (2) 12’x14’ overhead openings enclosing (2) 12’x14’ rolling steel doors, (6) 4’x3’ windows and (1) 1’x7’ windows.

Additional accommodations include a wind speed rating of 110 mph; an enhancement made in compliance with the building codes in place at the warehouse site, and gutters and downspouts throughout, which divert water off of the warehouse roof while preventing it from pooling near the building’s foundation.