Metal Building Greenhouse in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Sunward Steel Buildings was pleased to supply and manufacture Shenandoah Growers greenhouse facility in Harrisonburg, Virginia in April of 1997.

Today, the greenhouse is home to certified organic crops as the United States’ market leader for fresh herbs. Tim Heydon of Shenandoah Growers attributes the success of the operation to their cutting-edge indoor farming technology. The greenhouse supports a “sustainability platform which recycles rainwater and allows it to create its own nitrogen,” says Heydon.

Fueling Expansion

With the help of Sunward Steel, Shenandoah Growers were able to expand their operation without spending tens of millions of dollars on indoor rooms and infrastructure. Instead, Sunward’s Steel greenhouse supports the company’s signature “hub n’ spoke fishing room” concept, which allowed the company to continue expanding without building new infrastructure every 400 miles across the United States.

The Main Hub

Since the company’s inception, Shenandoah’s main hub has occupied Harrisonburg, Virginia surrounded by historic museums, woodland trails, and beautifully landscaped gardens. The greenhouse sits on the original Shenandoah Growers’ headquarters. With the support of the greenhouse building, Tim Heydon and his team conduct business and monitor operations from Virginia, Indianapolis, and 14 other locations across 11 states.

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Building Specifications

The Goldseal greenhouse is a stout 50’x101’ in size and is made to withstand up to 80 mph winds to accommodate the Virginia climate. The entire building from top to bottom is built from premium-quality galvanized steel and wrapped with a white trim. The steel building houses ten 3’x11’4’’ LED skylights, which help them grow rooms maintain a perfect climate for strong and healthy plants. The sunward building has given Shenandoah Growers more room to implement their sustainable equipment and meet the ever-growing demands of production.