Supplying West Virginia’s Durable, Affordable Steel Building Kits

When West Virginia’s farmers, fabricators and business owners need rugged, reliable metal building solutions, they often entrust Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., a leading supplier of top-notch steel building kits for 45 years and counting. Whether you are on the hunt for a:

  • Warehouse
  • Mini storage building
  • Hay or animal storage
  • Agricultural building
  • Barn
  • Office or retail building

…or an entirely different metal building type, chances are, Sunward Steel can supply or produce a steel structure that will serve your needs. We manufacture every building we sell in our state-of-the-art U.S. facilities, and we rely exclusively on premium-quality components, including those made from G90 galvanized steel.

Metal Buildings That Endure

In addition to providing superior pre-engineered steel buildings, Sunward Steel takes strides to ensure that your building remains free from the damaging effects of moisture and corrosion. Every metal building we sell comes with our exclusive Anti-Leak System©, which means the building has undergone a rigorous series of tests and checks to maximize water-tightness.

From utilizing our exclusive Siphon-Groove System designed to disperse water away from your structure to relying on high-density foam closures to create water-tight seals in the roof, nothing is left to chance in the construction of your steel building, and the end result is one of uncompromising quality.

Customization Options

Love the strength and the low lifelong cost of ownership steel buildings offer, but concerned about how yours will look? Nowadays, steel serves a multitude of purposes, and its use far exceeds skyscrapers and manufacturing facilities. Whether you’re looking to invest in a storage shed you can match to the exterior of your home or you want a place to operate your business that looks like more than just a metal box, you can customize your steel building until it offers exactly what you want in terms of aesthetics. Choose from a broad array of color and trim options to make your metal building uniquely your own, and design a building that is not only functional, but fashionable, to boot.

Have questions about prefabricated steel building kits, or ready to get started designing your own? Consider letting Sunward Steel take the reins.





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