Steel Warehouse with Office in Georgetown, Delaware

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was pleased to manufacture and supply this pre-engineered metal building on behalf of a customer in Georgetown, Delaware, in January of 2006.

Currently, the building serves as the East Coast corporate warehouse of California Closets, which supplies a wide range of custom closets, closet organizers and other home storage systems that help consumers organize their spaces and simplify their lifestyles. The company offers complimentary consultations, financing options, custom designs and in-home installations, and this particular building houses its corporate offices while providing ample space for storing inventory used in custom closet displays and similar organizational efforts.

Affordable, Multifunctional Metal Commercial Buildings

Pre-engineered steel warehouses, offices, distribution centers and commercial buildings give today’s business owners and entrepreneurs economical, reliable and sustainable construction solutions that they can customize to meet the demands of virtually any climate or business type. Available with clear-span designs, high clearances, insulation packages and numerous other customizable elements, steel buildings offer the structural integrity commercial operations demand, and they are also easily adaptable, should the need arise for additional square footage.

This particular steel warehouse and office space is part of the Sussex Industrial Airpark, which sits adjacent to Georgetown’s Delaware Coastal Airport. It serves as a central hub for California Closets’ East Coast operations, and its easy proximity to the airport helps streamline shipping and logistics while shortening turn times for customers.

Part of Delaware’s Sussex County, the town of Georgetown falls within the Salisbury, Maryland-Delaware Metropolitan Statistical Area. The community sits roughly 85 miles south of Wilmington, Delaware, and about 40 miles outside Salisbury, Maryland.

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Building Specifications

Rugged, accommodating and designed for life in Delaware’s variable climate, the warehouse and office building features premium-grade steel construction, and it stands 50’x60’x14’ in size. The hardwearing, multifunctional metal building offers 3,250 square feet of usable space, 750 square feet of which houses a fully furnished office area, and it also features work tables and storage racks throughout, providing plenty of room to work and conduct operations.

The steel warehouse and office building boasts an attractive, Light Blue exterior, while a heavy-duty Galvalume roof with a 2:12 pitch and White trim sits overhead, guarding against the elements and corrosion. The climate-controlled storage and work space also features several supplemental features added in adherence to local building code requirements and in consideration of the area’s typical climate patterns, among them a 20-pound snow load and a 100-mph wind speed rating.