Pre-Engineered Steel Self-Storage Facility in Uxbridge, Massachusetts

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was the proud manufacturer and supplier of these (4) prefabricated steel self-storage buildings in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, in April of 2004.

Rugged and built to last, the (4) steel mini storage buildings together create a self-storage facility, combining administrative offices with storage units the owner can rent out to customers in exchange for a monthly fee. Constructed using heavy-gauge, premium-quality steel panels, the (4) structures are all equal in size, and they all offer optimal protection for stored goods, helping assets retain their resale value while keeping them out of the sun, wind, rain and other potential hazards.

As an added bonus, most economists consider the self-storage industry recession-resistant, meaning that the buildings’ owner should not have much trouble renting out units even during times of recession. In fact, recessions can, in some cases, lead to an uptick in renters looking to use storage units, because it can force homeowners or renters to relocate or downsize their existing homes.

Mini Storage Facility Features & Specifications

Offering unparalleled structural integrity, all (4) buildings feature top-of-the-line steel construction, and each one stands 20’x200’x8.5’ in size once raised. Attractive and architecturally pleasing, the steel mini storage buildings boast striking, Stone Beige exteriors, and they all have Dark Green Galvalume metal roofs with Stone Beige and Dark Green trim overhead, offering reliable protection from above.

Distributed throughout the metal mini storage complex are (6) 3070 framed openings, each enclosing one of (6) 3070 walk doors. All (4) mini storage buildings also feature downspouts, which divert water off the roofs and away from the foundations of the buildings, where it could potentially otherwise collect and lead to corrosion.

Other mini storage complex features and customizations include a 90-mph wind speed rating and a 90-mph snow load; accommodations made in compliance with local building codes and in consideration of the distinct seasonal climate trends seen across much of Massachusetts and New England.

Affordable, Adaptable Metal Mini Storage Buildings 

Highly customizable in terms of the number of storage units, door openings and similar features, pre-engineered metal mini storage buildings are easy to erect and easy to maintain, saving entrepreneurs substantial money in terms of construction and maintenance expenses. Steel self-storage buildings are also customizable in terms of ceiling height, so owners can utilize them for RV and other oversize storage needs, and buyers can also pick and choose what they need in terms of insulation, ventilation, exterior facades and similar aspects.

Part of Massachusetts’ Worcester County, the town of Uxbridge was once a thriving textile center during the American Industrial Revolution. The community lies about 36 miles outside Boston and about 15 miles from Worcester.

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