Municipal Building in Forest Grove, Oregon

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was pleased to fabricate and supply this pre-engineered steel building on behalf of a client in Forest Grove, Oregon, in March of 1997.

Currently, the hardwearing, easy-to-maintain metal building undergoes municipal use by the City of Forest Grove, a bedroom community of Portland, Oregon, that is home to Pacific University. Now functioning as a storage space for equipment used by the city’s Light & Power Department, the building houses small equipment in one section and larger equipment in another. It also boasts an open bay that grants city workers easy and fast access to everything they need to keep the city running smoothly.

Metal Municipal Buildings Offer Affordable Construction Solutions  

Highly desirable for communities seeking long-lasting construction solutions for schools, firehouses, city halls, storage sheds, government offices and similar purposes, prefabricated metal buildings are generally cheap and easy to raise in comparison with most alternatives. This can save cities and towns considerable money, and the lifelong cost of ownership associated with metal buildings is also low, freeing up even more money communities can put toward other budgetary needs.

This particular pre-engineered municipal metal building has been an important part of the city’s infrastructure for decades and will likely to continue to serve as such for decades to come. Part of northwestern Oregon’s Washington County, Forest Grove sits within the state’s Tualatin Valley. The community lies about 27 miles east of Portland and roughly 10 miles west of Hillsboro.

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Building Specifications

Rugged and reliable, this steel municipal building stands 30’x100’x15’ in size following a simple erection process, and it features a space-maximizing clear-span design that eliminates unnecessary interior columns or trusses. Dark Green in color, the building is comprised of premium-quality steel parts, and overhead, a Galvalume roof with Dark Green trim and a 1:12 pitch helps protect stored equipment from the elements, lengthening its life while preserving more of its resale value.

To enhance durability given the region’s typical climate patterns, and in adherence to local building code requirements, this metal municipal building also features a wind speed rating of 80 mph. Robust, sustainable and multifunctional, this prefabricated metal building has served the Forest Grove community well throughout the more than 22 years since its erection.