Industrial Building in Stanley, Wisconsin

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was proud to fabricate and supply these (8) pre-engineered steel buildings for a client in Stanley, Wisconsin, in July of 2001.

Together, these (8) prefabricated metal buildings currently function as an ethanol plant for Ace Ethanol, an ethanol production facility that focuses on renewable energy and proudly serves the surrounding farming and agricultural community. Wisconsin’s first large-scale producer of ethanol, Ace Ethanol produces as many as 120,000 gallons of ethanol each day, and company owners and administrators have long placed a heavy emphasis on sustainable business practices, going so far as to secure the Wisconsin Governor’s Award for Energy Efficiency in 2009.

Reliable, Sustainable Steel Plant Facilities

Rugged, long-lasting, and versatile, premanufactured steel buildings provide the strength and durability power plants, water treatment facilities, oil and gas buildings, and similar operations demand, making them a common choice among buyers seeking buildings to use as plants or energy or fuel production facilities. Easily customizable in terms of size, clearance, ventilation, aesthetics, and more, today’s steel buildings merge functionality with aesthetics, creating reliable, comfortable places to work that can easily match the existing style of the surrounding community.

These particular steel structures provide safe, highly functional spaces for Ace Ethanol employees to work and produce ethanol, and they have served as valuable company assets for nearly two decades. With land in Chippewa and Clark counties, in west-central Wisconsin, the city of Stanley covers just over 4 square miles. The community sits about 35 miles northeast of Eau Claire and roughly 25 miles east of Chippewa Falls.

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Building Specifications

Sustainable and environmentally friendly, these prefabricated steel buildings feature premium-quality steel construction, ensuring optimum strength and durability. Stone Beige in color, they boast striking, attractive exteriors, while their unobstructed clear-span designs maximize space for ethanol production and related efforts.

The first building stands 40’x60’x16’ in size, while overhead, a rugged, long-lasting Galvalume steel roof with a 1:12 pitch provides protection from above. The building features (2) 3070 walk door openings enclosing (2) 3070 walk doors, which make the plant easily accessible for building users, and it also features several customizations intended to help prevent water from pooling around its foundation, among them an eave gutter along two sides of the building and 100 linear feet of downspouts across six locations. Rounding out the metal ethanol plant’s customizations and key features are two accommodations made with respect to Wisconsin’s typical weather patterns and in adherence to local building code requirements, and these include a 110-mph wind speed rating and a 20-psf snow load.

The second building, meanwhile, boasts a finished size of 32’x84’x20’, while its rugged, corrosion-resistant roof has a 1:12 pitch. The second building, like the first, also boasts (2) 3070 walk door openings enclosing (2) 3070 walk doors. The third steel building in the ethanol plant stands 50’x80’x20’ in size once fully erect and has a roof with a 1:12 pitch, while the fourth building stands 52’x102’x20’ in size and its roof, too, has a 1:12 pitch.

The fifth building used for ethanol production offers a finished, fully erect size of 40’x24’x16’, and it, too, features a rugged, hardwearing Galvalume roof with a 1:12 pitch overhead. The sixth building, meanwhile, stands 43’x46’x27’-38’, while its roof has a slightly steeper, 3:12 roof pitch.