Prefabricated Self-Storage Building in Billings, Montana

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., fabricated and supplied this pre-engineered metal self-storage building in Billings, Montana, in November of 2009.

Currently, the building is in use as Walter’s Mega Storage, a Billings-based self-storage facility that can house everything from small, personal belongings to boats, cars and other oversize items. Rugged and reliable, the metal mini storage building provides optimal protection for stored goods, helping them maintain their value despite Montana’s variable climate, sometimes-extreme temperature swings and other potential construction hazards.

Self-Storage Facility Specifications & Customizations 

Divided into (10) rentable storage units, the self-storage center stands 42’x147.33’x14-17.5’ in size, and it features a rugged, single-slope Galvalume roof with a 1:12 pitch overhead. Offering unrivaled structural integrity, the mini storage building boasts an eye-catching, Misty Grey exterior, and distributed throughout the self-storage business are (10) 12’x14’ overhead openings enclosing (10) 12’x14’ mini storage doors with full trim.

Comprised of durable, high-quality steel components, the metal mini storage building features several customizations intended to prevent snow and rainwater from collecting atop the roof or near the self-storage center’s foundation. Included are (148) 6” 24-gauge gutters and (90) downspouts installed across six locations. A 30-pound snow load and a 90-mph wind speed rating serve as additional accommodations made in consideration of the region’s typical weather patterns and in compliance with regional building codes.

A Steady Reliable Source of Income  

One of very few industries thought to be “recession-resistant,” the self-storage industry is undergoing rapid growth and is unlikely to experience a slowdown any time soon. Because Americans will always be moving and downsizing, the need for reliable storage solutions remains consistent, and mini storage buildings can be a great investment for entrepreneurs looking to create a steady stream of revenue without having to perform a lot of maintenance.

This particular steel mini storage building has served the needs of residents of Billings and surrounding southern Montana for about a decade, housing customer assets in a variety of sizes in exchange for a monthly fee. Montana’s largest city, Billings is a part of south-central Montana’s Yellowstone County. It sits roughly 144 miles west of Bozeman and about 83 miles west of Big Timber.

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Building Specifications

  • 42’x147.33’x14-17.5’
  • 10 rentable units
  • single-slope Galvalume roof with a 1:12 pitch overhead
  • (148) 6” 24-gauge gutters
  • (90) downspouts
  • 30-pound snow load