Steel Firehouse in Columbia Falls, Maine

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. had the honor of manufacturing and supplying this prefabricated steel building on behalf of a customer in Columbia Falls, Maine, in April of 2002.

Rugged, reliable and highly versatile, the building currently serves as a firehouse and fire station for the Epping Volunteer Fire District, which provides fire protection and related services to the towns of Columbia and Columbia Falls in eastern Maine. Established in November of 2014, the Epping Volunteer Fire District serves as a home base for the district’s volunteer firefighters who place their lives on the line regularly as they assist the surrounding communities with fire-suppression efforts and other emergency situations.

A Critical Community Resource 

Low maintenance and built to last the long haul, pre-engineered metal buildings are a common choice among those looking for affordable construction solutions for town halls, police stations, county headquarters and other municipal and government buildings. Nowadays, steel buildings can accomplish the same architectural and aesthetic objectives as traditional wooden buildings. However, they typically require far less effort in terms of upkeep, and they are also considerably more resistant to pests, moisture, natural disasters and other possible building hazards.

In addition to serving as a critical resource for the district’s volunteer firefighters and the entire community, the volunteers also utilize this steel firehouse for meetings, firetruck inspections and related efforts and events.

A rural, sparsely populated community in eastern Maine’s Washington County, Columbia Falls was once a thriving lumber and shipbuilding area that now counts tourism and blueberry harvesting among its biggest draws. The town sits about 56 miles outside Bar Harbor and roughly 70 miles southeast of Bangor.

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Building Specifications

Durable, sustainable and inherently fire-resistant due to is robust steel construction, this firehouse stands 60’x54’x14’ once erect and boasts a broad, space-maximizing clear-span design. Its exterior is an attractive Misty Grey color, while its hardwearing Galvalume roof has a 3:12 pitch and helps fight corrosion caused by Maine’s sometimes-considerable rain and snowfall.

Key firehouse features include (2) 3070 walk door openings, each enclosing one of (2) 3070 walk doors, and a 90-mph wind speed rating serves as another enhancement; an addition made in adherence to local building code requirements and in consideration of Maine’s often-unpredictable weather patterns.