Prefabricated Steel Arch Building in Glover, Vermont

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was proud to fabricate and supply this pre-engineered steel arch building in Glover, Vermont, in November of 1997.

Offering uncompromised strength and durability, the building features an arch design and currently undergoes use as a shop for the small town of Glover, in north-central Vermont. Commonly used for storage and similar municipal needs, the building is ideal for life in New England and holds its own when faced with heavy snowfall, strong winds, extreme temperatures, insects, and other common construction hazards.

Economical, Easy-to-Erect Construction Solutions 

While prefabricated metal buildings are typically much easier, faster, and cheaper to raise than wood alternatives, prefabricated metal arch buildings are even easier, faster and cheaper to raise than traditional steel structures. The lack of an inner structure means buyers can erect their metal arch buildings without cranes, and the simplistic design of a standard arch building means that buyers may be able to raise theirs without requiring the assistance of a contractor.

This particular metal arched storage building has undergone heavy use by the town of Glover for close to a quarter-century and has maintained its strength and exterior appeal extremely well throughout the years. Sustainable, multifunctional, and easy to maintain, pre-engineered steel buildings are a common choice among cities and towns seeking affordable, long-lasting buildings to use for storage, recreation, municipal needs, and similar applications.

A sparsely populated community in north-central Vermont, the town of Glover is part of Orleans County. The area lies about 80 miles, by car, from Burlington and about 18 miles from Greensboro.

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Building Specifications

This municipal building has an arch, or Quonset hut, design, which is naturally suited to stand strong when faced with high wind or snow loads. Damage- and fire-resistant, the steel building is 50’x80’ in size, while its arched roof resists corrosion and is comprised of heavy-duty Galvalume steel.

The arched design of the building eliminates interior trusses or supports, freeing up more usable space inside for storing maintenance equipment, road salt, traffic signs and cones, or other community resources while protecting them from the elements.

A 110-mph wind speed rating serves as another notable project feature; an inclusion made with regard for the typical climate characteristics of Glover as well as the building code requirements that govern construction at the property address.