Prefabricated Steel Arch Building in Salem, Oregon

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., had the honor of fabricating and supplying this pre-engineered steel building for a client in Salem, Oregon, in June of 2002.

Offering unrivaled strength, durability, and sustainability, the versatile, easy-to-maintain metal building now provides much-needed storage space.

The open, arch-style, clear-span design frees up more space for storage by eliminating interior columns. This quonset building holds its own and maintains its strength and beauty in the face of heavy rain, pests, fire, and other concerns.

Affordable Construction Solutions  

Increasingly, residential and commercial property owners are opting for pre-engineered steel buildings as opposed to more traditional ones because of the many benefits they bring with them. In addition to typically costing less than alternatives, steel buildings, and, in particular, steel arch buildings, are easier and faster to erect than wood structures, saving you substantially more in terms of construction and erection costs.

Premanufactured steel buildings are also highly customizable and easily expandable, should a home or business owner want to expand their square footage somewhere down the line, and they can also recycle the building and use the steel for other purposes once the building reaches the end of its considerable lifespan.

Oregon’s capital city, Salem falls within the central Willamette Valley, in northwestern Oregon’s Marion County. The city sits about 45 miles south of Portland and roughly 60 miles west of Lincoln City.

Interested in purchasing a pre-engineered metal arch building for storage, workshop, recreational or other use in Oregon or another part of the nation? Explore your options for steel buildings in Oregon or click here for a price quote.

Building Specifications

Comprised exclusively from high-end Galvalume steel components, the building boasts a finished, fully erect size of 40’x32.25’x22’ and has an arched roof that allows for easy, fast erection. The building offers supreme protection from the elements, which is critical, given Oregon’s frequent and sometimes-heavy precipitation, and it provides a safe, secure place to store vehicles, farm equipment, animal feed, animals, bikes and similar assets while helping them retain more of their resale value.

Key arch building features include a 110-mph wind speed rating, which was necessary given the building code requirements currently in place across Salem and the surrounding region. Rugged, reliable and built to last for generations, the steel arch building is an important addition to the property, serving an array of critical functions for its owner.