Demand For Boat Storage Buildings Rises

September 2, 2020 | Blog Roll Insider Tip

While some industries have taken a hit amid the ongoing global COVID-19 health crisis, others are booming, and the boating industry is among them. Fox News reports that, this year, personal watercraft sales increased by 75% in May compared to the year prior, with many families and individuals buying boats after the pandemic forced a change in summer travel plans.

With the explosive growth of boat sales comes an increasing need for boat storage, and many buyers are turning to prefabricated steel buildings. Economical and easy to erect, steel boat storage buildings typically have simple designs and are ideal storage solutions that protect your investments from the elements and help them retain more of their resale value.

Personal Boat Storage 

Salt and water can wreak havoc on wooden buildings, but a steel storage building gives you a durable, corrosion-resistant alternative to wood construction. Great for housing boasts as well as jet skis, kayaks or even ATVs, steel storage buildings don’t require much in terms of bells and whistles, which keeps costs low. 

Commercial Boat Storage

Looking to capitalize on the exponential growth of the boating industry? Commercial boat storage buildings offer steady revenue streams for their owners who rent out space in exchange for a fee. They are available with tall eave heights, which can easily accommodate boat lift systems, allowing you to pack even more boats into the same building. Steel boat storage buildings are also ideal for boat dealers looking to expand operations and keep more watercraft in stock.

Mini Storage for Boats

The mini-storage industry has proved itself recession-resistant, and mini-storage buildings that have room or specific buildings for storing boats are in particularly high demand this year.

At Sunward Steel, we handle all aspects of steel boat storage construction, from planning and engineering to drafting and manufacturing in-house. In other words, we cut out the middleman, which translates into considerable savings for our customers. If you are on the hunt for an affordable, reliable, and corrosion-resistant steel building to use for personal boat storage, commercial boat storage, or mini storage, shop Sunward Steel first.


Amy W. Sunward

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Amy Wirth

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc.

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