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Should I Insulate My Steel Building?

When you buy a pre-engineered steel building, you have options when it comes to insulating it. If your building is, perhaps, for storage only, you may not need to insulate it at all. However, if you plan to use your building regularly or live in an area prone to variable temperatures and climate conditions, insulating it is a smart and economical choice. 

When you insulate your building, you have the option of doing so at the time of construction or retrofitting – after construction.  It is more cost effective and less labor intensive to install during the building erection, but certainly not impossible to do after-the-fact.  Regardless of the option you choose, insulating your metal building leads to countless benefits.  

Lower Energy Costs

Insulating your steel building slashes its heating and cooling costs, particularly if you live in an area prone to temperature swings. The return on investment can be seen a few short years after installation due to the inevitable energy savings.  

Condensation Barrier

When temperature and humidity conditions reach dew point, moisture can condense on the underside of metal roofing and potentially cause water damage to the inside of your building.

Insulation may be placed between the cold surfaces of the purlins and girts.  A vapor barrier isolates the purlins and fasteners from the humid interior air. This prevents condensation forming on those members.

Enhanced Interior Aesthetics

Insulation facing helps protect the insulation blankets against condensation and damage. It also enhances the appearance of the interior of the building. The heavy-duty facing is especially ideal for gyms and other high-traffic areas and gives the interior a clean, finished appearance.  

Improved Sound Absorption

Insulation also helps keep outside noise at bay while muffling the sounds emanating from your own building. 

Nesting Prevention 

Insulating your metal building helps keep birds, rodents and other pests from nesting in the beams and rafters. Nesting issues can prove unsightly and noisy, and bird and rodent droppings can also create health hazards.  

Whether you plan to use your pre-engineered steel building for residential or commercial purposes, insulating it cuts energy costs, helps protect your valuable investment and creates a more comfortable interior environment for everyone who uses it.

Written By:

Tanya Wirth

Purchasing Director
Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc.

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