South Carolina Factory

Sunward Steel’s Walterboro, South Carolina Facility

Expands Workforce, Enhances Production Capabilities

SC Production Facility Means Lower Shipping Costs for East Coast Buyers

Sunward Steel Buildings metal building production facility located in Walterboro, South Carolina continues to increase capacity to meet rising demands. This is good news for metal building buyers spanning the Southeastern United States and East Coast. Sunward opened the South Carolina factory in 1996 to reduce shipping time and lower shipping cost for buyers on the eastern side of the country. Over the last few years Sunward has expanded the South Carolina factory’s staff and invested in new technologies to help streamline operations. While our East Coast factory provides lower shipping costs to the regional buyers, it’s also situated near a port that reduces overseas shipping time, and leads to lower costs for international buyers as well.

Steel Building Plant
Metal Building Manufacturing Plant

Increasing Capacity

Sunward Steel’s Walterboro production facility increased its output by 43% in 2021. They achieved these growth numbers by enhancing the locations leadership team and increasing production line and welding professionals.  These new hires where key to take on increasing customer volumes. This year’s customer demands are expected to support another 85% increase in output in 2022.

Factory Upgrades

Sunward Steel has reinvested in infrastructure that speeds up production efforts and enhances overall working conditions. In addition to investing in automated welding technology, which relies on robots to increase the speed, precision and quality of welding efforts. Sunward is swapping out all existing light fixtures for LED models. LED lights have up to 10 year lifespans, are 50% more energy-efficient, reduces greenhouse gases and our carbon footprint.

Lowering Costs


Sunward’s Walterboro facility gives East Coast buyers an economical alternative to ordering their buildings from Sunward’s North Dakota-based production facilities. Metal building buyers in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Virginia and Tennessee can enjoy considerable savings and shorter ship times by ordering their buildings from Sunward’s Walterboro factory.

Steel Building Manufacturer
Steel Building Factory

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