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What’s Included With A Prefab Metal Building?

At Sunward Steel, we field a lot of similar questions from our customers, many of whom are wondering what, exactly, their prefabricated metal building purchase includes. While there are near-endless opportunities for customization when it comes to your steel building, there are many essential features that come standard with every Sunward Steel building fabricated and sold.

So, just what is it you get when you order a pre-manufactured metal building from our team?

The Fundamentals

First and foremost, your building purchase includes a structure comprised exclusively from 50 to 55 KSI high-strength plate steel. All of our buildings feature solid I-beam built-up main frame construction and submerged arc-welded frames, while A-325 high-strength bolts hold together your building’s primary framing.

Your pre-engineered metal building also includes factory-primed girts, purlins and frames, pre-punched framing members and mastic sealant on its roof, which helps prevent leaks, while G90 galvanized gable sheeting angles serve as additional standard features. Every Sunward Steel building fabricated includes:

• Engineered Certified Plans & Drawings
• Primary & Secondary Framing
• Roof & Wall Sheeting with Siphon Groove
• Complete Trim & Closure Package
• Long Life Fasteners
• Mastic Sealant
• Ridge Cap
• Pre-Marked Parts
• In House Manufacturing In One Of Our 3 Local US Factories
• Delivery to Site

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In addition to the highest-quality fundamentals, which maximize strength and durability, your building purchase also includes engineer-certified permit and erection drawings as well as engineer-certified anchor bolt plans and a letter of certification.

Erection & Delivery Inclusions, Accommodations

In addition to supplying the components you need for your steel building, itself, we strive to make the delivery and erection process as seamless and possible. How? First, we pre-mark our building components to streamline and simplify the erection process.

While these are the key features that come standard with every Sunward Steel prefabricated building purchase, there are numerous other elements you can incorporate to meet your unique needs. Get your quote today!

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