The Importance of Knowing What’s Included In Your Steel Building Price

April 23, 2019 | Blog Roll

Are You Ready to Buy a Metal Building?

Purchasing a steel building is an important investment. Regardless of the size, purpose or complexity, there are many factors to consider.  Many metal building companies advertise special pricing on buildings or kits, but do not list out their codes or inclusions. Typically, the pricing for these buildings is set on certain criteria that may or may not fit your needs. Pay attention to the design details to ensure they will fit your needs and local requirements.

Some Key Considerations Include:

  • Does the building fit my local required codes?
  • Will it meet the elevation requirements of the area?
  • Is it approved by the local building department?
  • What are the inclusions? (i.e. Framed Openings, Trims & Closures, Panel Gauge, Insulation, Warranties, etc…)
Metal Garage Kit

No matter the direction you take in purchasing your new building, there are key considerations to account for:

Local Code Requirements

Local building departments’ set codes specific to the site where the building will be erected. Engineers do their due diligence to engineer the steel structure to fit your requested local building codes and load requirements. Consider talking to your local building department to determine what requirements are needed for your area.  Make sure you know your elevation, as the codes can vary drastically in a county based on the property elevation.

Door and Window Framed Openings

A steel building would not be functional if there were no openings. There would be no point of entry into the building.  Doors and windows can be added in any size depending on the building use. Many times building special do not include the framed openings required for your doors and windows. Make certain you understand if the framed openings are included, if the actual doors and windows are included, and take it a step further by finding out the brand and quality of the doors and windows.

Trim & Sealant Closure Package

Pay close attention to the trim and sealant closure packages that are included (if any) in the building you are looking to purchase.  Base trim and base angle vary throughout the industry. However, Sunward Steel supplies quality sculpted base trim and angle on every building as a standard item. The included base trim and angle helps to prevent outside intrusions while leaving a clean and aesthetically appealing finish.

Keeping your steel building sealed and protected from outside elements should also be a top priority. Sunward Steel Buildings are the only metal building with the Exclusive Anti-Leak System ®. This system brings you unmatched quality for your building. The secret to the Anti-Leak System® is really just a special eye for detail as it comes down to the little things that help keep your building water tight.

Steel Gauge Strength

Steel is not all the same. There are different strengths, weights, and thicknesses of steel. The gauge of a sheet of metal refers to its thickness. The lower the gauge, the thicker the material. Based on customization of the building as well as environmental factors can determine a gauge requirement. Steel structure gauges can also vary based on the purpose or type of building. Know what steel gauge is included.


Insulating a steel building is a popular practice in today’s industry.  Insulation is ranked based on its resistance to heat flow and measured with an ‘R-Value’. The greater the R value, the higher the competency of the insulation product. Beyond the ‘R-Value’, insulation has other varying elements including the facing, how it is banded together, as well as the tabs for sealing.

Verifying local energy codes will put you ahead of the game and can lead to a smooth purchasing process.


Understanding the terms and conditions of your building sale is important. Review pertinent warranty information and what it entails. Ask your building consultant what their warranty covers and who it caters to.

Sunward stays true to our long-standing reputation with approximately 95% of all projects having no issues. In the event there is a glitch, rest assured that, with our Proper Fit Warranty, we are committed to helping find an adequate solution. Lastly, Sunward provides a 40 year paint warranty to the beautiful colors you choose to apply to your steel building.

Having prior knowledge about what you want in your building can help ease the process. Have a couple questions prepared to understand exactly what you are getting. A prestigious steel building company like Sunward Steel Buildings will be ready to answer and guide you through your building process. Learn and educate yourself or with one of our experienced building consultants. We won’t let anyone take a building without them knowing what you are getting.


Written By:

Adam Hoffman

Senior Project Consultant
Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc.

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