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Price Remains the Same as Additional Standard Features are Incorporated

Improvements and innovation modifications are pertinent for any successful business to continue thriving. Many times, adaptations require a price increase for the consumer. At Sunward Steel, while our standard features have been improved upon, our prices have not changed.

With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, Sunward Steel has maintained a family atmosphere that prides itself on exceptional customer experience. We are very appreciative of all our customers, and especially thankful for their loyalty. Our additional features are an extension of our superior quality, and brand whereas other manufacturers have it available as expensive metal building accessory options, or simply will not include it at all. We pride ourselves in offering the very best options to make your steel building dreams a reality.

Standard features that Sunward Steel Buildings can provide to make your building both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing include the Siphon Groove, Cable X Bracing, Wind Bents, Seal-Tight System, and Base Trim.

Siphon Groove

Sunward’s exclusive Siphon Groove is a formed indentation or groove acting as a gutter that is part of every panel of sheeting lapped at 36” on center for both roof and sidewalls. Without this, internal moisture cannot disperse and will eventually rust your fasteners and dampen the insulation.

Barometric air pressure and wind loads create a vacuum effect. Traditional metal buildings without Sunward’s Siphon Groove are susceptible to absorbing unwanted moisture particles. Damage occurs as the moisture particles are sucked into the panel joints and penetrate behind the sheeting joints. The unique Siphon Groove technology has a capillary space which allows moisture to disperse away from the building. Protection is also provided to the screw threads with this unique feature.

The Siphon Groove is available only on Sunward Steel Building’s commercial hi-rib sheeting.

Base Trim

Base trim is not commonly included by other suppliers and has been an option in the past with Sunward Steel. New for 2019 though, base trim is now included at no additional cost to our customers. Base trim not only satisfies functionality but also is visually appealing. Uneven concrete slabs are concealed using a base trim, giving a clean, smooth and professional finish.

Exceptional quality and craftsmanship is used when manufacturing trim pieces. Uneven concrete hurts the overall integrity of the building over time. The use of base trim not only helps keep the structure seal-tight, but also delivers color continuity throughout the steel building. Sunward also provides base closure which seal the gap between the panel ribs and trim.

Cable X-Bracing/Wind Bents

The main purpose of cable x-bracing is to withstand longitudinal/transversal loads caused by strong winds or seismic forces impacting the building. X-bracing maintains the structural integrity as it transfers the longitudinal/transversal forces to the foundation. Sunward Steel uses 7-wire G-90 galvanized strand cables, the best you can find in today’s market.

Cable-X bracing helps during the erection process. It keeps the building plum, limiting risk and imperfections. One of the main reasons Sunward Steel prefers cable x-bracing over other bracing types is to limit the amount of steel used in construction. Cable x-bracing stiffens the steel it adheres to, requiring less material overall to keep your steel building strong.

Exclusive Seal-Tight System

After decades of experience, Sunward has identified a system to help prevent potential leaks in your steel building. Moisture buildup is inevitable in any region or environment, lending to extra attention to detail and care when it comes to keeping your building water-tight. Sunward Steel’s Exclusive Seal-Tight System is not a standalone system, but rather a culmination of important features all playing a vital role to ensure the longevity and structural soundness of your steel building. Sheeting notches, ridge gaps, seal tight gutters, and siphon grooves are all incorporated to properly sealing your building. And, as many of you are well aware, new as of 2018, is our sealant package. The sealant accessories are key to sealing the joint between roof panels, the gap between panel ribs and eave trim, as well as the entire inside perimeter of the ridge cap.

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