Premium-Quality California Steel Buildings

Looking to erect a durable, long-lasting steel building on California soil? Then consider Sunward Steel, a leading fixture in metal building manufacturing since 1972. We understand the seismic considerations involved in erecting a building for use along the West Coast, and we can assist you in creating a structure that not only fits your needs, but also exceeds your expectations.

The Many Benefits Of Steel Construction

There’s a multitude of reasons metal buildings have increasingly become the low-rise structures of choice for so many. In addition to being highly economical, steel buildings:

  • Stand strong and hold fast to typical weather conditions.
  • Are inherently low maintenance, requiring only simple hose-downs for cleaning and no re-shingling, repaneling or re-trimming.
  • Are pest-proof, meaning you don’t need to worry about damage caused by termites and similar threats.
  • Are fireproof, meaning you can safely store your valuables inside while maintaining peace of mind.

At Sunward Steel, we’ve already supplied more than 75,000 metal buildings since opening our doors, so if you’re looking to erect a warehouse, a workshop, a garage, a gymnasium, a church or virtually any other type of structure, you can count on us to lead the charge.

Ample Options For Customization

Because we handle every aspect of the fabrication process in-house, we maintain complete control over your building, meaning you have ample options when it comes to customization. Choose from a broad range of paint colors, all of which are backed by a 25 – 40-year paint guarantee, and work with our dedicated, experienced team to design a structure that fits your needs as far as windows, doors, size and so on.

Building Code Compliance

You need to ensure that your building meets the specific code requirements in place in your area, and we can assist you in doing so. In an earthquake or fire zone? We can assist, and we can also introduce you to steel building contractors who are well-versed in your area’s specific requirements and prepared to help you get your building off the ground, once delivered.





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