Prefabricated Steel Dog Sanctuary in Littleton, Colorado

Sunward Steel supplied a prefabricated steel building for a business owner in Littleton, Colorado, in June 2020. It now houses Pepper’s Senior Dog Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing traditional and hospice care for aging dogs in a veterinarian-supervised facility.

Light Stone in color with complementing Hunter Green trim, gutters and downspouts, the contemporary, eye-catching steel building provides more than just shelter for dogs – it also serves as a comfortable, all-season space for them to live, play and receive the specialized care they need.

Engineered for the addition of a mezzanine and cupola, the building’s thoughtful design includes a monitor-style roof and two metal lean-tos flanking either side, creating spaces for dogs to enjoy the fresh Colorado air while staying protected from the elements. The combination of enclosed and open-air areas ensures the facility’s senior dogs have plenty of room to roam, play, run or sleep, regardless of outside climate conditions.

Well-appointed on the outside and bright and airy on the inside, the clear-span steel dog sanctuary has 14 windows letting plenty of natural light in. It also has several features that enhance ventilation, which is key in a facility dedicated to animal care. There are louvre vents helping air circulate properly, and overhangs along the roof line creates additional shade and protection from heat for the animals.

Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, this metal building serves as a welcoming, secure facility for senior dogs to live out their golden years.

Building Specifications

Spacious and low-maintenance, the metal dog sanctuary is 72’x72’x11’ with a 3.5:12 roof pitch, offering 5,184 square feet of interior space for animals and their caretakers. There are (7) 3’4”x7’2” walk doors distributed throughout the building, making it easy to move animals in and out.

All windows in the sanctuary are 4’6”x1’6”, maximizing natural light, and the (2) louvres, which include (1) 5’x2’ and (1) 6’6”x2’, improve ventilation. Other notable additions include the gutters and downspouts along the roof, which keep rain or snow from collecting on top and potentially compromising the facility’s integrity, and several features that keep the dog sanctuary compliant with local building regulations, including a 130-mph wind rating and a 30-psf roof snow load.

A large community with land in Arapahoe, Douglas and Jefferson counties, Littleton is also part of the Denver – Lakewood – Aurora metro area. It sits about 9 miles south of Denver and roughly 55 miles north of Colorado Springs.