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Energy Efficient Buildings: Spend More Money Upfront and Save For Years To Come

Designing Energy Efficient Buildings

Saving $100 a month on energy costs for your steel building would certainly be nice, but when you add up those monthly savings over a 20-year span, you’re looking at an extra $24,000 in your pocket. Sound good? Here’s how you can do it.

When purchasing a steel building and designing that space for optimal future use, it is wise to consider not only the cost of the building itself, but also what you can expect to spend to heat and cool it over its lifespan. Investing in new technology from the outset can save you a substantial amount of money in terms of lifelong operating, energy and maintenance expenses. There are several specific elements you can add during the design phase to increase your metal building’s overall energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Insulation Systems  

Roof Insulation SystemInnovative insulation packages may cost marginally more upfront, but can have a tremendous financial and environmental impact on your project. When your building has a well-conceived thermal envelope, it saves money and makes for a more comfortable environment, and you can earn back your initial investment by enjoying reduced energy costs for the entirety of the building’s life. 

An Energy-Saver Insulation Package optimizes energy efficiency even further, and it also adds value and aesthetic appeal to your steel building. This particular system features a double layer of insulation within your building’s roof and walls. One layer of fiberglass fills the purlin and girt cavities, while the second layer is placed over the top, eliminating thermal transfer between the interior and exterior metals. The fiberglass is secured with a heavy, energy saving fabric and banding system.  The better you insulate your building, the more money you will save. In addition to saving you big money in terms of operating costs, Energy-Saver Insulation Systems also reduce the strain on, and extend the lifecycle of, costly HVAC systems, which tend to overwork if a building is not sufficiently insulated.

Foam Insulated Panels 

Steel Building Machinery Plant

Foam-insulated building panels are durable, lightweight and easy to install, and they are also some of the most effective insulates out there. These panels can eliminate gaps and cavities that could otherwise allow heated or cooled air to escape, significantly improving your steel building’s energy efficiency while lowering your related expenses.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting in Steel BuildingsNot long ago, LED lighting systems were a risky investment for developers and investors who were unsure about the concept and cautious of the initial startup costs. Today, virtually every commercial building project utilizes LED lights because they save substantial money over the life of the building, thus recuperating the initial expense. LED lights also extend the life cycle of your lighting system, meaning less work and maintenance for you.

A building’s initial price tag is often the main thing a buyer considers, but it rarely paints the entire picture. Adding insulation packages, LED lighting features, heated floors or some combination of them all can increase your building’s comfort level, aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency, resulting in monumental savings over time. Typically, adding these energy-saving features during your building’s initial design phase is far more affordable than doing so later on.

Written By:

Christina Logan

Sr. Building Project Consultant
Metal Building Outlet Corp.
Sunward Steel Building Dealer

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