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History of Sunward

A Legacy of Strength, Quality, and Longevity

Sunward Steel Buildings was incepted in 1972 when founder Danton Wirth became a dealer of steel buildings.  Just two years later in 1974, he purchased Wedgcor Buildings a small regional manufacturer of metal buildings, in Jamestown, North Dakota.  The headquarters were moved to Denver, Colorado in 1976, leaving the manufacturing facility in North Dakota.  Danton, together with his family, continued to grow the company extending the demand throughout the US.  In the late 90’s they expanded their manufacturing operations to just outside of Charleston, South Carolina to keep up with this demand.  The new manufacturing facility supplies the customers in the eastern states, providing excellence and quality services throughout the US.

Danton worked diligently to build and establish a company that set itself apart by truly focusing on the customer and their needs.  He wanted them to get exactly what they wanted and strived to deliver buildings that went above and beyond expectations. His compassion for the customer’s needs was greatly displayed through his hard work and dedication.  He worked personally with engineers, plant managers, and in the factory to ensure that every detail was perfected.  He was known for designing the buildings as if they were for himself and he exceeded his own expectations every time!

Sunwards roots are in the agricultural industry, however, over the years, this has grown into supply of all building types.  We specialize in commercial and industrial warehouses, manufacturing facilities, recreational buildings, metal shops and garages, custom aircraft hangars, barns, and riding arenas.  We are a one source destination for your metal building.  The entire process is handled in house, from estimating to planning and engineering, all the way through to manufacturing.  This gives our customers the peace of mind that the building will be manufactured per the specifications provided to us.  We cut out the middle man!

Today Danton’s legacy is kept alive as we continue to provide high quality building systems.  Many of the original factory workers and dealers, together with his family, continue to embark upon the legacy of Danton’s vision.  Many of the buildings that were constructed 30 – 40 years ago can be found standing strong today in excellent condition.  This is a true testament of the strength, quality, and longevity of Sunward buildings!

In addition to excellent customer service, the buildings that are supplied by Sunward Steel are top notch and competitively priced. Never had any issues worthy of recording.

Highly Recommended to everyone.

Excellent customer service! Worked with me more than one project.

The project as a whole was completed before listed deadlines.

Overall one of the best companies I have ever worked with.

They are a grade above the rest when it comes to catering to the specific project and its personnel.

Sunward Steel has excellent project management, ensuring a successful project.

They very clearly outlined expectations for budget and timeline, and worked with us to adjust and fine-tune both as needed.

Their service is beyond exceptional.

We purchased an all steel 60 x 40 building and could not be happier.