Prefabricated Steel Event Canopy in Ames, Iowa

Sent to Ames, Iowa, by Sunward Steel in September 2020, this pre-engineered metal building is now on the grounds of an event venue known for hosting weddings, family reunions, corporate events and other special occasions. 

The open-air steel building is now part of the Raspberry Hill Bed & Breakfast, an expansive and scenic 73-acre site that serves central Iowa and offers onsite lodging for guests. The open-air, roof-only steel structure is an ideal setting for outdoor weddings and similar celebrations, allowing guests to enjoy the fresh air without worrying about interference from rain or intense sunlight. 

Custom-designed to meet the owners’ unique needs, the metal canopy features snow gutters that prevent snow from accumulating on its roof, ensuring the safety and comfort of guests during the winter months. The steel pavilion’s monitor-style upper roof and lower roof with matching 2:12 pitches add architectural interest to the space while providing plenty of coverage for dancing or dining. 

Incorporating aesthetics as well as functionality, the steel building features 2′ eave extensions that provide additional protection from the elements. The roof panels and building trim are Black in color, creating a consistent, cohesive look that complements Raspberry Hill’s country charm.

With the addition of this building, Raspberry Hill Bed & Breakfast expands its offerings and further establishes itself a sophisticated and versatile venue for central Iowa special events.  

Building Specifications

Delivered partially assembled in carefully marked packages, this steel cover is 50’x80’x10’ once raised and offers unmatched strength and durability. The metal building’s open-air design eliminates the need for doors or windows while allowing for ample airflow and plenty of natural light inside. 

Engineered for life in the Midwest, the building adheres to local wind and snow load requirements, boasting a 115-mph wind load and a 35-psf roof snow load. It also has (10) 6” snow gutters that enhance drainage capabilities and prevent heavy snowfall from threatening the building’s structural integrity. 

With its innovative design and careful attention to detail, this steel building enhances the versatility and functionality of the event venue, making it perfect for weddings, corporate gatherings and everything in between. 

Situated about 30 miles north of Des Moines, the Iowa state capital, the city of Ames is part of Story County. Home to Iowa State University, the community is Iowa’s ninth-most-populated city.