Your Trusted Partner For Superior Steel Structures

Are you in search of high-quality steel buildings in Westfield, Massachusetts? Look no further! Introducing Sunward Steel – a trusted name in the industry since 1972. With our strong legacy of excellence, we have successfully delivered over 75,000 top-tier structures worldwide. As a reputable, family-owned company, we have taken great pride in being your trusted source for exceptional steel buildings for over five decades.

At Sunward Steel, we pledge to accompany you from the initial phases of planning through to the successful completion of your project. Rest assured, our commitment to being a customer-centric, single-source steel-building business is unwavering. What’s more, all our steel buildings are proudly American-made!

A Diverse Range of Buildings to Meet Westfield’s Needs

The city of Westfield has diverse requirements for the types of steel buildings it needs. Fortunately, at Sunward Steel, we specialize in providing customizable prefabricated steel building solutions to suit your exact specifications. The steel buildings that Sunward Steel can provide for Westfield are of the highest quality, featuring superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

Here are the types of buildings that Westfield has the most that can be developed to maintain the city’s advancement:

Is Steel Structure Better Than Concrete?

Steel structures have many advantages over concrete. Steel is stronger and more durable than concrete, which makes it a great choice for buildings that are subject to heavy wear and tear such as warehouses and industrial facilities. Steel is also less expensive than concrete, making it an ideal option for budget-conscious projects. Additionally, steel structures can be built quicker than traditional buildings due to the speed of fabrication and assembly.

Customization and Color Options

By choosing Sunward Steel, you can enjoy the satisfaction of a durable building designed to last for decades. With an unparalleled range of customization options, we ensure that your building stands out amongst the rest. Our comprehensive design, drafting, and construction processes enable us to offer an extensive selection of colors that will present you with an abundance of choices. 

Furthermore, our paint colors are accompanied by an impressive 25 to 40-year warranty, ensuring that your building’s exterior will retain its vibrant color even in the face of the most challenging weather conditions. 

Discover the exceptional quality and durability offered by Sunward Steel buildings. Reach out to us to get started on crafting your ideal steel-building solution in Westfield, Massachusetts.


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