Twin Steel Storage Buildings in Genoa City, Wisconsin

In Genoa City, Wisconsin, a local business owner invested in two identical prefabricated steel buildings to meet his operational needs. These versatile structures, supplied by Sunward Steel in April 2023, provide ample storage and rental opportunities, and their thoughtful exterior designs enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area.

The owner uses one of the structures as a secure storage facility for his extensive collection of audio equipment. The robust construction of the steel building ensures that the valuable equipment remains protected from the elements and potential theft, helping it maintain its value while enhancing the owner’s peace of mind.

The second building is put to use as a rental property so it can generate an additional income stream for the owner. With its identical design and features, the rental building appeals to tenants seeking reliable, aesthetically pleasing storage solutions. The inclusion of 6” accents, self-supported eave canopies over the walk doors and 3’ of stone wainscoting add a touch of sophistication to the exteriors, further enhancing the buildings’ appeal.

Both buildings boast essential features to ensure functionality and compliance with local building codes. Gutters and downspouts on the roof facilitate proper drainage, preventing water damage, while (30) windows distributed between the two buildings allow natural light to illuminate the interiors. The buildings also stand strong against the rigors of Wisconsin’s climate, boasting 30-psf roof snow loads and 115-mph wind ratings in accordance with local regulations.

Building Specifications

Each steel storage building supplied is 50’x100’x20’, and each has a wide clear span that creates 5,000 square feet of unobstructed interior space. Both buildings sport gable roofs with 4:12 pitches, and between them, they feature the following access points:

(2) 3’4”x7’2” walk doors
(2) 3070 walk doors
(2) 16’x16’ overhead doors

Both metal storage buildings have Charcoal Gray walls and Black trim, giving them a modern, contemporary look. Equally ideal for housing business assets and generating rental income, these steel buildings serve as prime examples of the versatility and practicality of pre-engineered metal structures.

Located in southeastern Wisconsin, Genoa City extends into both Kenosha and Walworth counties. It sits along the Wisconsin – Illinois border; about 43 miles outside Milwaukee.