We’re The Official Partner At The 2024 National Western Stock Show!

The National Western Stock Show is an exciting 16-day event held every January in Denver, Colorado. It is one of the world’s largest livestock shows and rodeos, showcasing agriculture, education, and Western heritage – and we’re proud to announce that Sunward Steel is the official partner for the 2024 event!

We are honored to be a part of this magnificent event that not only celebrates Western heritage and agriculture but also supports the growth and development of these vital industries. Through various enrichment programs, youth education initiatives, and scholarships for higher education in agriculture and veterinary medicine focused on rural areas, the National Western Stock Show is making a significant impact in these fields. 

We Can't Wait To See You At The National Stock Show Events!

Sunward Steel has been a proud sponsor of the National Western Stock Show for many years. As a company that values agriculture and rural areas, we are dedicated to supporting this event and its mission. We believe in the importance of promoting and celebrating Western heritage, as well as investing in the future of these industries through education and scholarships. 

We are honored to be a regular sponsor of the show and are excited to continue our partnership for many years to come. We hope to see you at the show and share our passion for agriculture and Western traditions with you!

Explore This Year’s National Western Stock Show Events Schedule 

The National Western Stock Show offers a wide range of activities and events for all ages, including livestock shows, rodeos, horse shows, trade shows, and more. This year’s schedule is filled with exciting events that you won’t want to miss!


Some highlights from the upcoming 2024 show include:

  • Western National Roundup: This national youth development conference brings together 4-H and FFA members from across North America for workshops, networking, and exciting competitions. Some of the contests hosted by the National Western include horse judging, hippology, and livestock judging. It’s not just about competition, but also about promoting teamwork and fostering relationships among the future leaders of agriculture.
  • The Breeding Sheep Show: A popular event for both young and experienced exhibitors, the Breeding Sheep Show is a chance for breeders to showcase their prized sheep and compete for champion ribbons. Exhibitors put in countless hours of hard work and dedication to prepare their animals for the show, making this event an exciting display of excellence.
  • The Colorado Fiddle Championships: Hosted by the Colorado Old Time Fiddlers Association (COTFA), this event celebrates and preserves the American art form of old-time fiddling. The competition includes a special emphasis on Texas-style fiddling, with participants of all ages showcasing their talent. Nationally recognized fiddlers and judges come together for this annual championship, making it an event not to be missed for lovers of traditional music.

PBR Bull Riding: Watch as top bull riders from around the world face off against fierce and powerful bulls in an action-packed show. Featuring barrelman Matt Merritt and Night 1 of Team Penning, this is an event you won’t want to miss. Come witness the bravery and skill of these riders as they take on their formidable opponents in this highly anticipated event. 

From Steel Beams To Rodeo Dreams

The partnership between Sunward Steel and the National Western Stock Show is mutually beneficial, as our company’s involvement helps strengthen and support the show’s mission. Through our sponsorship, we can positively impact the various programs and initiatives the National Western offers, such as youth education and scholarships in agriculture and veterinary medicine.

Additionally, our presence at the show allows us to connect with attendees and showcase our commitment to providing high-quality steel buildings for agricultural and rural needs. Together, we strive to promote and preserve Western heritage while also paving the way for future generations in these industries. 

Here Are Some Highlights From Last Year's Event

Curious to see what the National Western Stock Show is all about? Here are some memorable moments from last year’s event:

We Are Proud To Be Contributing To Colorado’s Legacy

Sunward Steel is proud to be a part of the National Western Stock Show and contribute to its success through our high-quality metal buildings. In addition to our support for the show, we have also played an essential role in shaping Colorado’s landscape through our durable and functional structures.

From agricultural buildings and barns to arenas and commercial facilities, we have provided countless prefabricated metal structures that not only serve a practical purpose but also add to the aesthetic appeal of this beautiful state. We are honored to be a part of Colorado’s legacy and are committed to continuing our contributions through our steel building solutions.

The following are a few examples of our projects in Colorado:

  • Can create a carousel display Sunward’s Colorado project in this section 

Equestrian Riding Arena in Golden, Colorado

In 2002, we were honored to provide four pre-engineered metal buildings for the Westernaires Organization’s equestrian riding arena and training facility. Located on the renowned Westernaires training grounds in Golden, Colorado, these buildings boast unrivaled structural integrity and serve as a valuable educational resource for local youth interested in Western riding, precision drills, and horse care.

We partnered closely with the Westernaires team throughout all stages of the project, from initial design and engineering to final customization and delivery. The primary goal was to create a spacious, unobstructed area for riding and showing, which was achieved through Sunward’s use of a clear-span design that eliminates interior columns and obstructions. Our collaboration with the Westernaires team allowed us to fully understand their needs and deliver a building that met their specific requirements.

Steel Barn Building in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

In November 2020, we successfully delivered a custom prefabricated steel barn building to a customer in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Designed with sustainability and climate control in mind, this barn features an attractive, traditional aesthetic that seamlessly blends with the surrounding property and landscape. With its high-quality steel construction, this structure is engineered to withstand the unique challenges of Colorado’s climate, providing optimal strength and durability for protecting animals, farm equipment, or other valuable assets stored inside.

Upon completion, the impressive structure stands at 50’x80’x20′, offering a spacious interior with a clear-span design that eliminates any columns or obstructions. The high ceilings provide ample storage space, and the ash gray steel roof with a 5:12 pitch ensures durability and corrosion resistance for years to come.

Steel Shopping Center in Windsor, Colorado

In collaboration with a local contractor, we manufactured and supplied two metal retail buildings for a shopping center in Windsor, Colorado, in July 2018. This project was crucial to the growing community of over 32,000 residents as it provided much-needed commercial space in a fast-growing area between the High Plains region and the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Built with Sunward’s high-quality steel parts, these buildings stand out with their attractive parapets, and they house a variety of businesses, including restaurants, home goods retailers, bakeries, salons, and more.

Metal School Building in Commerce City, Colorado

We are honored to be the chosen supplier of a pre-engineered metal building for phase I of the STEAD School campus in Commerce City, Colorado. This project showcases our dedication to providing high-quality and customizable steel structures for educational institutions.

Designed with sustainability in mind, this metal school building boasts superior strength and durability, making it a safe and versatile space for both academic instruction and recreational activities. With an attractive design that seamlessly blends with the surrounding environment, Sunward’s building offers a stimulating learning environment for students interested in science, technology, the environment, agriculture, and systems design.

Steel Equestrian Arena - Colorado Springs, CO

January 10, 2024

Steel commercial garage buildings in Hudson, Colorado

Pair of Metal Municipal Buildings - Hudson, CO

August 17, 2023

Steel Garage & Carport - Durango, CO

August 17, 2023

Aircraft Hangar In Colorado Springs

Aircraft Hangar - Colorado Springs, CO

June 27, 2023

pre-engineered metal building kit for a resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado

Gallery Blue Steel Garage - Colorado Springs, CO

May 23, 2023

Colorado steel pavilion for home development

Steel Pavilion for Home Development - Colorado Springs, CO

December 31, 2020

We Want To Continue To Positively Shape The
Colorado Building Industry

At Sunward Steel, we take great pride in contributing to the local community and shaping Colorado’s building industry. We continue to support events like the National Western Stock Show and work closely with organizations like Westernaires that promote education and youth development.  

Furthermore, our steel buildings offer numerous benefits to the residents of Colorado. Sunward’s products have positively impacted many communities across the state, from high-quality construction that can withstand extreme weather conditions to providing sustainable and customizable solutions for various building needs. We are committed to continuously improving and evolving our products to meet the changing needs and demands of Colorado’s growing population.

Stock Show Event

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January 6th-21st, 2024