Buffalo, Wyoming’s Premier Prefab. Metal Building Supplier

When contractors, residents, and entrepreneurs across Buffalo, Wyoming, need rugged, affordable steel buildings to serve as shops, athletic arenas, or agricultural buildings, among other common uses, they often turn to Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc.

With a nearly 50-year history in the industry, 75,000+ metal buildings supplied worldwide, and factories in nearby North Dakota, Sunward has cemented itself as a trusted provider of superior-quality steel buildings. Given the proximity of Buffalo to Sunward’s factories, customers in the area can save considerable money on shipping costs in comparison with other steel building suppliers.

Buffalo, Wyoming Building Considerations

Temperatures in and around Buffalo vary substantially throughout the year, and the town also sees far more annual snowfall than the average American community. In addition to needing a steel building that holds its own against extreme temperatures, pests, corrosion, and similar Wyoming construction hazards, your building must also comply with current building and engineering codes in place across Buffalo.

Sunward Steel’s team is well-versed in engineering buildings for use in Buffalo’s variable, unpredictable climate and can help ensure your building checks all the boxes and adheres to all necessary codes and regulations. Pre-engineered steel buildings commonly supplied in and around Buffalo include:

  • Arch buildings
  • Farm buildings
  • Equestrian buildings and arenas
  • Storage buildings and sheds
  • Parking garages
  • Churches
  • Steel barns

…and many others.

Metal Buildings Customized to Meet Your Needs

Sunward Steel can also help you configure a metal building that meets your precise needs and specifications. Most Wyoming metal buildings contain insulation to make them suitable for year-round use. You can also customize yours in terms of ceiling height, color, ventilation, door and window openings, siding options, gutters and downspouts, and so on so that it meets your specific needs.

Erection Assistance Available

Not sure who can raise your building when it arrives at your job site? Sunward Steel maintains relationships with trustworthy, experienced contractors and building erectors in and around Buffalo. If necessary, we can help you find a knowledgeable, reliable contractor who can help you raise your building quickly and affordably.

To check out some of the many buildings Sunward Steel has manufactured and supplied across Buffalo, Sheridan, Jackson Hole, Cheyenne, Casper, Cody, Laramie, and other cities and towns across Wyoming, click here.


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