Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., has supplied durable, quality prefabricated metal buildings to residents of Sheridan, Wyoming, and surrounding areas for close to 50 years. A top choice among residents, business owners and contractors who can save big on shipping costs due to Sheridan’s proximity to our North Dakota factories, Sunward has supplied more than 75,000 steel buildings since its inception.

Wyoming’s variable climate means you need a building that holds its own against moisture, heavy snowfall and extreme temperatures. Our buildings feature top-of-the-line steel construction, resulting in superior strength and durability.

Some of the most popular steel buildings we sell and erect in and around Sheridan include:

  • Shops and workshops
  • Farming and agricultural buildings
  • Rodeo, riding and athletic arenas
  • Garages and carports
  • Retail Stores
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Storage and equipment sheds

…and multiple others. We can also customize your building in accordance with your needs, using a wide range of features including insulation packages, mezzanines, doors and windows, ridge vents, wainscoting and more.

Sunward Buildings Have Low Costs of Ownership

When compared against wood buildings or other common construction options, prefabricated metal buildings are lower maintenance and offer lower lifelong costs of ownership. Rugged and engineered to last, they’re resistant to damage caused by moisture, weather, fire, pests and other hazards that can wreak havoc on wood structures.

Insulation Packages Available

Insulating your building is necessary if you plan to use it year-round in Wyoming. Insulating your Sheridan metal building at the time of construction is the most affordable way to do so, with most insulation packages paying for themselves within a few years, thanks to reduced energy costs.

Custom Buildings That Comply With Local Building Codes

Sunward Steel will engineer your building in accordance with Sheridan’s most current building and engineering code requirements. If you desire higher-than-required wind or snow loads, we can also engineer a structure to meet these needs.

To view some of the pre-engineered metal buildings Sunward Steel has manufactured and supplied for residents of Sheridan and other communities across Wyoming including Pinedale, Gillette, Riverton, Worland and Laramie, click here.


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