The small town of Hensley, Arkansas has a rich history. Founded in 1880 as a mining town, it quickly developed into one of the United States’ most important iron ore mining centers. There was also a thriving steel industry in Hensley in the early 20th century. Hensley still relies heavily on the steel industry today. Many steel mills and processing plants are located in the city, with hundreds of employees. The steel industry contributes significantly to the local economy as well.

Sunward Steel and Hensley: Delivering Comprehensive Solutions

For more than four decades, Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. has been providing pre-engineered structures to customers throughout Hensley, Arkansas. We handle every aspect of the process, from sourcing to production, ensuring reliable and consistent results. Our team of professionals will guide you through each stage, including planning, blueprint creation, and delivery of the finished product directly to your project site.

What Makes Sunward Steel Unique?

There may be a lot of steel manufacturers but what makes Sunward Steel stand out is: 

  • Our expertise and experience cover a wide range of metal building types, including airplane hangars, agricultural and recreational buildings, offices, schools, and more.
  • As a family-owned business, our values are deeply ingrained in everything we do.
  • We are actively involved in the construction process, manufacturing all buildings in-house to ensure exceptional quality results.

Build Confidently With Sunward Steel

Embrace durability and efficiency with Sunward Steel’s pre-fab steel buildings. Let Sunward Steel be your partner in realizing your construction dreams. Reach out to us today to experience the ease and reliability of creating your ideal space. Invest wisely, build with assurance – choose Sunward Steel for a future that stands the test of time.


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